D’Iberville forfeits a cool million. Sponsored by JaWa investments

The shoes are beginning to drop in Walkergate.

D’Iberville must forfeit $1.1 million of $3 million Ocean Expo grant ~ Mary Perez

Meantime the Byrd is still the word.  Margaret Baker uses Alabama changing its retirement statute to exclude certain felons as the example in her story on soon to be former Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd being able to collect his PERS retirement benefits despite copping to a felony.  Slabbed lifers well remember it was the former Dragon Queen Aaron BrousStar that caused Louisiana to pass such a statute back in 2011.

Finally the fog tells me Christmas season has arrived in South Mississippi. How about some lovely music:

Sheriff Mike Byrd replaced as grand marshal in Hurley Christmas parade ~ April Havens

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  1. The JAWAWAS strike again!! Mike Byrd to retire!! The fog is our white Christmas blanket!! Broustar spending Christmas away from home!! Stacey Pickering in court with his lawyers and 10 assistants this morning,no room for the public!! Lots of news out there today.

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