Stacey Pickering has a secret……

Meet Thad Cochran’s heir apparent. Who wants to bet the Sun Herald endorses him?

Auditor requests secret hearing in records lawsuit ~ Anita Lee

If I were retired or had some spare time on my hands I think I’d show up for the hearing, especially since Herr Pickering wants secret proceedings. Seeing Corlew in action is worth the price of admission alone.

Something tells me before this is over, on the political stupidity scale, Pickering will end up in Mr. BrousStar’s league.

11 thoughts on “Stacey Pickering has a secret……”

  1. I cannot get my old head around what is going on here behind the scenes. You got Pickering – Hood working as a tag team against the Sunherald and the people of our state. Judge Schloegel has basically accused Pickering of contempt and fraud upon the court. I think anybody who had any good thoughts left about Pickering after he attended the Cloyd fundraiser are now convinced he is no political sage. I am thinking about calling that new FRAUD=FELONY hotline I saw in the Sunherald the other day and turning him in. Maybe that will help bring this matter to justice so we can see what ‘
    “dear friends” he is working so hard to protect.

  2. Ms. Supreme Court denies Pickering motion and he must be in Judge Schloegel’s court at 9:30 Wednesday morning. Now that is funny.

    1. The whole DMR CIAP fiasco has been like the Gulf Coast auditions for the new Oofty Goofty. Many auditioning, auditions continuing, final selection not yet made. Name your favorite contestant.

  3. I am amazed at how this story has spread everywhere!!! My friend told me to type this in my browser: “Topix Ocean Springs”. I did that, and about mid-way down the page, there is a
    special message blog to Bill Walker with 108 responses! And boy, what responses!!!
    Isn’t that site nationwide???? Wondering how they got hold of this??? Gee, Mississippi is getting some recognition again for our Illustrious Potentates!!! I am waiting for the Fat Man to rear his ugly little red-nosed head!!!

    1. I tried to find the video of Broussard with the laugh track added but had no luck in the short amount of time I had yesterday.

      Many of these cats gets so power drunk they actually think the world is THEIR stage. Such invariably leads to disaster. :mrgreen:

  4. Who run the world? GIRLS!!!! Let’s have a big huzzah for Judge Schloegel who won’t back down. My best guess is that Pickering has audited for a year and only came up with some lame travel buffalo jobs. When the public gets to see all the high end partying enjoyed by those who freely used the Harris Yacht Fleet and the DMR credit cards and the unlimited seafood-and-booze party on the water every weekend, they may wonder how Pickering could just stand by and not look into whether those trips were on DMR business with DMR personnel aboard, and whether the stated vendors actually got the money reported spent.

    And why hasn’t Pickering audited YADA??? Sure ’nuff, the NAACP got audited for pizzas. Why not YADA for it’s so-called expenses related to charity? Looks like he does not want to indict Walker and the perps with the real money for anything!

  5. There are a lot of questions to be answered about Stacey Pickering’s actions or lack of in the DMR scandal. YADA, Marine Resource Foundation, IMMS,YMCA and the Land Trust are all involved in various aspects of this limp investigation Are they being investigated? What happened in the court room today is further proof of the total disregard for the rule of law or the taxpaying citizens of our state by an elected official. Pickering thinks that because he got his Chief of Investigations to lie for him we will say “oh OK that is fine”. Let us all never forget this cheap trick stuffed suit Stacey Pickering sitting in a court room on the witness stand totally unapologetic for what he has done to the very people who pay his salary. And he has the nerve to announce his intentions of running for the US Senate! He needs to see a doctor immediately to get a checkup from the neck up. I am MAD AS HELL about it.

  6. I’m really puzzled by all this. Yes, I realize Pacey Stickering is covering up for the DMR goons, and there statewide pals, but I’m still wondering who the republiCON is that’s dangling the senate seat carrot in front of that jackass nose? There’s no way he can’t realize that his actions (primarily lack thereof) here on the coast are extremely detrimental to any other campaign. Utter insanity.

    1. The upcoming Senate elections could be a major battle of social media and electronic propaganda. Unless there is a smoking gun hidden behind closed doors, Pickering will be demolished and possibly unemployed in the future. Considering his educational credentials, I don’t think he would be very marketable unless its related to some type of government CONprofit deal.

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