The Heart of the Matter: Exhibits F & G

Last February I wrote to Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Pierre Muise regarding the submission of false and misleading aka perjured affidavits by Charles Leary in the Louisiana Media LLC case in Nova Scotia, a lawsuit to which Slabbed was not a party but which Leary, on behalf of Aaron Broussard used as a vehicle to conduct a witch hunt for his New Orleans metro area based detractors. Despite knowing who I was neither the courts nor Leary gave me notice of any of a multitude of proceedings held in Yarmouth Nova Scotia fishing for IP addresses on commenters to this website. Left out of the letter to Justice Muise but a document which he should surely be aware is the following affidavit sworn by Charles Leary on May 12, 2011, 8 days after they sent their in-house troll Chris Yount to serve undated papers on my wife at our residence in Bay St Louis. Leary on behalf of Broussard and Trout Point Lodge Ltd. clearly misleads the court as to my identity. We’ll call it Exhibit F.


From late May until October 2011, Charles Leary on behalf of Broussard and company, abused legal processes in their lawsuit against Louisiana Media Company multiple times in their paranoid witch hunt for Broussard’s detractors including time periods after they had formally filed suit against me in Nova Scotia. But that is not all that was happening in the Louisiana Media case no siree.  You see folks in that suit Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret were telling a different story about how the Fox 8 reports on Aaron Broussard’s Nova Scotia bribery and money laundering scheme had damaged the Lodge.  In fact here is their exact damages pleading:

89. As a direct result of defamatory broadcasts made by the defendant, third parties with whom the plaintiffs enjoyed longstanding business relationships have decided to depart from any and all contacts with Trout Point and Nova Scotia, withdrawing investment and selling property to plaintiff’s detriment.

That’s right folks, Leary, Perret and Trout Point Lodge, on behalf of Aaron Broussard and others actually plead that their damages were caused by the disruption of their business relationship with Nova Scotia Enterprises, the entity that was identified by prosecutors as a Broussard bribery scheme.  Never mind NSE never owned anything in Nova Scotia and was never registered to do business in Nova Scotia because when you make it up as you go and are willing to swear false affidavits to back up the lies, the Nova Scotia defamation scene was truly the Broussard and Company’s oyster.

Serial Libel Tourists Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret of Trout Point Lodge of Nova Scotia

In any event the post to Slabbed that exposed these basic contradictions in Trout Point Lodge’s SLAPP suit against Fox 8, unwitting as they were when originally published to the Slabbed New Media website, is what attracted the most attention in Leary, Perret and Trout Point Lodge’s first SLAPP suit against me from Nova Scotia because it speaks volumes about the the money trail. You see folks when Whitmergate published excerpts of Aaron Broussard’s extended interview with Val Bracy in April, 2011, Broussard clearly identified an LLC named Public Works Investments of Nova Scotia as the corporate owner of one of his properties:

Val: Kempt Wilderness Lodge Service? AB: ok that would be one I have 33% interest in. Val: Public Works Investment? AB: 100% Val: Land dwelling lot 11 in Georges Lake? AB: Yes that’s it.

So here is Broussard, clearly identifying Public Works Investments of Nova Scotia to Val Bracy.  We need to circle that for now because we gotta examine Aaron Broussard’s last ethics disclosure filed for 2010. He does not list his ownership interest in Nova Scotia Enterprises at all but what we need to do is reconcile his 2010 ethics disclosure form to the Nova Scotia property records, which is exactly what Val Bracy was trying to doing in her interview. Here is what he says he owned in Canada:

Source: Louisiana Ethics Administration
Source: Louisiana Ethics Administration

And this is the income from Nova Scotia he claimed:

Source: Louisiana Ethics Administration
Source: Louisiana Ethics Administration

And this is the property in Nova Scotia that he identified as owning:

Broussard Ethics 3
Source: Louisiana Ethics Administration


Source: Louisiana Ethics Administration
Source: Louisiana Ethics Administration

Leaving aside for a second Broussard’s description does not comport to the Canadian property records we can still reconcile the documents. First things first though because Nova Scotia property records do not show Public Works Investments owning any real property at the Trout Point resort.  Additionally Broussard omitted Nova Scotia Enterprises, LLC and his property holding at 140 Trout Point Road aka River Bend Lodge, (which was supposedly owned by NSE) from his ethics report, the sale of which in December 2010 to Leary and Perret he also omitted from his ethics report form.

What Broussard describes as Lot 11, Georges Lake is 81 Trout Point Road aka “Cub Cottage”. He sold this property to family that owns that Super 8 Motel on Clearview Parkway.  What Broussard described as Lot 4 Trout Point Road is 79 Trout Point Road also known as “Black Bear Cottage”. He sold it to his ex wife and her hubby.

What Broussard describes as Lot 20 is the Gatehouse and this property is the only one showing a corporate owner in Kempt Wilderness Lodge Services in addition to Broussard and his cronies.

This is minutiae but it is important minutiae because to understand the Trout Point Lodge briefs in the Louisiana Media case is to understand Broussard’s ethics reports filings, which Charles Leary repeatedly submitted in response to discovery by Louisiana Media company as evidence of Broussard’s ownership holdings. The following is from the Canadian equivalent of a response to a Motion to Compel, specifically Trout Point Lodge’s answer dated September 21, 2011 which is Exhibit G:leary-21sep2011-brief_excerpt 1

That document from 1761 Realty is one that I never saw and would be crucial IMHO since Aaron Broussard owned 140 Trout Point Road personally and sold it to Leary and Perret in December, 2010 as omitted from his 2010 Ethics disclosure. That said here is Charles Leary clearly differentiating property and its fictitious owners for the court.  I love the gratuitous, we have no idea with whom we are conducting business disclaimer at the end. And the purchase of 140 Trout Point Road from Broussard? Leary confirms it was in 2010 and exposes Louisiana Media’s lawyers at Stewart McKelvey as lazy and seemingly incompetent at everything law related except for perhaps the monthly billing:

leary-21sep2011-brief_excerpt 2

Yes indeed, those pesky property records that were so easily available both from the official source and here on Slabbed.  And the heart of the matter is Leary and Perret buying 140 Trout Point Road from Broussard in December 2010 while pretending they purchased it from Nova Scotia Enterprises.  Even better, they claimed Broussard’s bribery scheme was an integral part of the “normal business operations of Trout Point Lodge” in paragraph 90 of their damages pleading:

leary-21sep2011-brief_excerpt 3

Now there are other things we can infer from the fact set provided by Charles Leary in the Louisiana Media suit. The payments to Broussard via Public Works Investments, which is not listed as owning anything on Trout Point Road is return money flow to Broussard. We have letters from Roy D’Aquila to Charles Leary indicating the conduct of fictitious transactions involving Nova Scotia Enterprises, which paid for the Canadian operations of Broussard’s property holdings despite not owning anything in Canada. These items are certainly some of the reasons why Judge Hayden Head observed at Broussard’s sentencing last February that Broussard’s Canadian bribery scheme merited further investigation. The bottom line is the financial transactions all appear to be shams designed to conceal Broussard’s criminal activity and Broussard’s business agents Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret in Nova Scotia were deeply involved.

Stay tuned.

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  1. How far down the river of the Heart of Darkness do the facts lead us?

    There must be an American equivalent to the following sections of the Criminal Code of Canada, underwhich Vaughn Perret and Charles Leary may one day be charged if what you allege is true.

    Section 21 – Parties to offence

    Part X – Fraudulent transactions relating to contracts and trade

    1. The facts do lead us to a darker spot but I am not ready to reveal that yet. This is what i will say, Justice Moir of the Supreme Court in Halifax has been assigned this case. After Leary and Perret amended their original lawsuit in such a way so that it has no chance at enforcement under the US SPEECH Act, I had no reason to continue defending against their ever changing allegations of defamation so I filed a Demand for Notice. Their damages hearing is set for December 16, 17 and 18th in Halifax.

      However last week I filed under NSCPR 13 for Summary Judgement on the Pleadings and Evidence and that hearing is currently set before Justice Moir on December 12 at 9:30 AM local time. Justice Moir has been furnished all the documents I used in this post except Broussard’s ethics disclosure, which was not integral to making my point about the conduct of the Plaintiffs in their lawsuits against US Media outlets covering Broussard’s criminal activity. That ethics disclosure is easily found online and it is clear Broussard has some explaining to do about the omission of his property at 140 Trout Point.

      What happens with the information I presented to the court is out of my control but we’ll know that soon enough. The court records in Canada tell the tale along with Leary’s admissions in the related litigation here in the US.

      1. You should have motioned for an order under Section 45B(a) of the Judicature Act for an order restraining them from “starting a further proceeding on the person’s own behalf or on behalf of another person”.

        They are the poster children for vexatious litigants.

        1. Section 45B(a) of the judicature act. Excellent steer. Many thanks. 🙂

          Halifax #411345 Trout Point Lodge et al v Douglas Handshoe

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