Holiday Season Special: Easy as Exhibits A, B & C

The following has very profound implications:

Exhibit A ~ The official word on a few of former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard’s many other criminal acts:

  • Broussard’s receipt of a major ownership interest in a company holding Canadian resort property for little or no capital contribution, which was instead supplied by various Parish vendors

Beginning in or around 2002, a company named Nova Scotia Enterprises, LLC (“NSE”), was formed. See Exhibit A at 1-5 (Articles of Organization and Initial Report of NSE). NSE was a holding company for several pieces of vacation rental property located in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. See Ex. A at 11 (Operating Agreement of NSE at Section 2.3, noting purpose of company is to acquire and own real property). At various times from 2002 through 2010, there were up to twelve partners in NSE – many of which were Jefferson Parish contractors or prospective contractors. See id. at 32-34 (attachments to NSE Operating Agreement). Broussard was also a partner in NSE. See id. at 34. However, unlike almost every other partner in NSE, Broussard was given a large, 42% interest in NSE for a small capital contribution to the company. See id, at 34 (reflecting Broussard’s ownership interest) & 56 (NSE spreadsheet reflecting contributions made by NSE partners and noting that Broussard’s contribution as approximately $782.60). By contrast, nearly $50,000 was contributed by several other NSE partners for the upkeep and maintenance of properties. See id. at 56. Significantly, many of the NSE investors who supplied the vast majority of the funds obtained a much smaller ownership interest than Broussard in NSE. See id, at 32-34 (reflecting 3% or 6% interest obtained by other partners in NSE). Most importantly and not coincidentally, during Broussard’s tenure, many of the NSE partners, through their various corporations, received contracts with, and work in, Jefferson Parish, worth millions of dollars, at the same time they were funding NSE and Broussard’s corporate interest in it. Finally, Broussard sought, at the conclusion of his tenure as Parish President, to sell his ownership share in NSE – which was purchased for very little – for nearly $200,000, an extraordinary return on the minimal investment supplied by Broussard. See id. at 57-60 (correspondence and promissory note regarding Broussard sale). Thus, in sum, the Government will present evidence reflecting that various Jefferson Parish vendors (who sought and received work when Broussard was Parish President) supplied investments (a thing of value) for a company owned, in large part, and managed by, Broussard. See Exhibit A at 1-60.

Exhibit B ~ Real Estate Abstracts obtained by Slabbed New Media in 2011 and 2012 on the property in question


Exhibit C ~ Amended Statement of Claim dated September 30, 2013 of Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret of Trout Point Lodge Ltd, paragraph 43 in their latest Canadian defamation lawsuit against me:

However, though the purported purpose of the Louisiana company was to own Nova Scotia real estate, in fact it never held title to any real property in Nova Scotia, only Mr. Broussard did personally.

This carries profound implications for Aaron Broussard IMHO because we have the Department of Justice saying one thing in court filings while Slabbed agrees with Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret of Trout Point Lodge that Nova Scotia Enterprises LLC of Louisiana never owned any real property in Nova Scotia. In fact it was never registered to do business anywhere except for Louisiana.  To the extent that Slabbed is considered an authoritative journalistic source by many of the area’s media outlets this basic contradiction in facts can not be dismissed.

In fairness to Mr. Broussard I think it only right Slabbed reconciles this issue and corrects the record, appropriately so on the eve of the one year anniversary of the implosion of Team Letten.

The truth will emerge ~ Sal Perricone

Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Holiday Season Special: Easy as Exhibits A, B & C”

  1. So when the feds look at it they claim the company was a land owner in the Trout Point Development who had its holdings managed by the two guys who owned the Lodge? Then when you sue them and I guess you a title search?- they back off this assertion? Seems they just make claims based on what someone will not challenge them on and when the truth comes out they change the facts to reflect what someone can prove. But they cant keep going to Court on the same matter with different fact patterns on the same events. Seems like it is time to throw them out of Court and tell them to go read pinocchino again. The Court cant here cases like this can it?

      1. I wondered if that was the general situation.
        It is an interesting thing to read claims and pleadings contrary in such basic details, such details supposedly subject to being based on the actual legal documents.
        Having been filed supporting federal criminal indictments no less.
        Someone a little sloppy somewhere some how?

        1. Did you know that Leary and Perret blamed me for Roy D’Aquila’s death in a Canadian court proceeding? In fact he died within days of the publication of certain of those documents listed above and I believe his heart attack was directly related to the massive amounts of stress he was under caused in part by the publication of those documents. By the time I began publishing the case documents from Trout Point Lodge’s SLAPP suit against Louisiana Media Company (aka Fox 8) Karen Parker had already copped a plea and her factual basis made it clear the feds knew about Nova Scotia Enterprises.

          I can see why Team Letten thought Nova Scotia Enterprises owned real property at the Trout Point development but to me the real question is why was D’Aquila, along with Leary, Perret and Trout Point Lodge pretending otherwise in the Fox 8 suit? This is the question that needs detailed examination.

          1. Yeah I knew about that claim. Shitting bricks is a serious condition that can have nasty complications. That’s why not to do things one isn’t proud to own.

            I can see why Team Letten thought Nova Scotia Enterprises owned real property at the Trout Point development

            The above allowance holds for only for as long as it took to request and receive certified documents from the appropriate authorities. Unless I misunderstand the chain of events, how could they properly investigate an international scheme like this (Broussard et al) without the appropriate documents?

            Perhaps Team Letten never requested the appropriate documents to determine the ownership of the properties they thought were a part of the scheme? If so, that says a lot about the quality (or intentions?) of the investigation. An investigator might assume the structuring and international aspects of the scheme might be evidence of intent to conceal; so determining the real facts really should matter. Not to mention the trail of bread crumbs concept. (Follow the trail because one can’t know what is at the end otherwise.)

          2. Sadly your observation strikes at the heart of the matter. I understand the FBI has an excellent working relationship with the Canadian Mounties so if the prosecutors had really wanted to get to the bottom of things in Nova Scotia it could have happened. In my mind this is why the FBI rang the doorbell on the D’Aquila documents later in 2012.

            If you have not yet placed this name with this narrative here is one from the NOLA US Attorney’s office to place: Fred Harper


            The rumors that the NOLA US Attorney’s office had been compromised by Aaron Broussard absolutely turned out to be true. Whitmergate mentioned this early and often in fact.

            Roy D’Aquila’s letter of September 2010 clearly indicates money flow to Canada and back under the cover of a Louisiana LLC not licensed to do business anywhere but Louisiana. To the extent NSE never owned anything to sell we could infer the entire document is a sham. Either way the implications are terrible.

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