The headline could have easily read…..

5 Sun Herald attorneys from Jones Walker working with Aaron Broussard and pals to shut Slabbed down.

Naw folks, the Sun Herald only cares about the First Amendment and public records when it is their own ox being gored.

Five attorneys working for Mississippi to keep records from public ~ Anita Lee

Speaking of the Goatherders, I have a dynamite update coming as the gang has made some stunning admissions in Canadian court filings.

10 thoughts on “The headline could have easily read…..”

  1. The Sunherald articles side by side say it all. “Auditor mulls US Senate run” and “Five attorneys now working for state to keep records from public”. Stacey Pickering is insane if he does not think the situation he allowed to continue at the DMR due to the lack of audits during his tenure has not impacted his political image. He is getting some bad advice from those encouraging him to run. His CONsultants are telling him to roll the dice and it will be snake eyes. He better hope Sen. Cochran runs again so he has a way out. This will give him more time to fight the public over access to records so he can continue to protect his dear friends. In my opinion the only reason the DMR situation was exposed is because of the press and the public not any politician like him doing their job.If not for Slabbed and the Sunherald keeping the public informed, the Bill Walker gang would be planning Stacey Pickering’s campaign fundraisers at the Million Dollar Mansion.

  2. Doug, from reading the comments, the serfs themselves give support to that old saying democracy is where the people know what they deserve, and they get it, good & hard.

    No doubt the Anita Lees of the world subscribe to the recent Obomber/CONgressional attempt to rewrite the First Amendment by having only recognized i.e. “licensed” journalists entitled to First Amendment protection.

    Also, I see comments from serfs which truly miss the mark. One is not shutting down government by hiding records; rather, one is advancing government work by doing so, for otherwise the nefarious actions would have no purpose.

    Suetonious could have equally as well stated in his Lives of the Twelve Ceasars that ignorance is the first fruits of the death of a republic.

  3. There’s the makings of a bad lawyer joke, the Mississippi Addled General needs to hire four mercs to help defend the case, maybe more the screw a lightbulb? Guess someone needed a payback on campaign contributions and financing a friends & family plan.

    Truly, if the state’s elected gangsters see the need for a five to one offensive against Mr. Truitt, bravo to Mr. Truit, been there and done that! Decidedly an unintended compliment.

    1. I am familiar with Corlew. He is a Jackson County boy made good up in Jackson. He’s very seasoned and known as a very good civil lawyer.

      1. John Corlew is for sure top shelf in the business of lawyering. Just the mere fact that they have hired his abilities tells us they are very concerned with the position they hold on the release of the records. I hope we will one day be privy to what is there that would be worth this kind of battle that I believe hurts the politicians causing it to be waged. Stacey Pickering has a whole lot of explaining to do during his next campaign for anything.

  4. I believe we may very well be witnessing a titanic change in how the public perceives the sources of news it has been receiving on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for so long. My momma always told me not worry if you tell the truth and you have done nothing wrong. She says in the end it will work out for you if your honest and tell the truth. You have to wonder what some of these other guys mommas told them growing up to where they would end up in a position like they are all in now?

    Be careful about making a hang mans noose for an innocent man. You may just end up being hung in it yourself…

  5. Just what we need in the U.S.Congress–Stacey Pickering–more of what we have–self serving–I’m the center of the Universe mentality politicians!! Did any of you see the Broadway musical :1776?” The final number sung by the character that portrayed John Adams was entitled “Is anybody there, Does anybody care?”
    Profound–we are still singing it today! Everyone have a blessed Thanksgiving. See you next week, unless something comes up in between!

    1. You have to wonder what makes Stacey Pickering think he is qualified to be a US Senator from Mississippi. We all know he had no qualifications to be Auditor and the job he has done shows it. He is not even a very smart politician or he would realize that doing dumb things like holding a conflicted fundraiser at the home of Frontier Gulf Coast money bungler Joe Cloyd or fighting the public over the release of the DMR records is very damaging to his political image. I believe because he has an R behind his name he thinks he is entitled to be the next Senator. I predict he will not get over the first hurdle. He is damaged goods and is selling at a discount to his dear friends he is working so hard to protect.

  6. I just hope and pray, come election time, people will remember the likes of Pickerings, Walkers, Byrds, McKays, etc. who are all self-serving looking out for themselves. South Mississippi had better wake up!

    And I fully agree with all writers on Pickering. He is a joke and don’t know it.

  7. You are so right, Honest John, the biggest problem with society right now is that people just simply do not care what their public officials are doing–most have no interest whatsoever. They sit around like a bunch of slugs until it affects them on a personal level. At this point I really cannot imagine what the wake up call could be. From D.C. on down, the country is in trouble financially, but who cares.
    I am fed up with how Obamacare is going to affect the 2014 elections, what about how it is going to affect the American people? Everything is about them.

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