Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd Cops to a Federal Felony

Kicking John Mark Stahl in the cojones after arresting him and then ordering the dashboard video of the incident destroyed is what finally did Sheriff Byrd in. Click the pic to score the 19 page plea agreement and factual basis. Sentencing for soon to be former Sheriff Byrd is scheduled for December 10th in Mobile.

USA v Byrd Doc 2

4 thoughts on “Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd Cops to a Federal Felony”

  1. If I ever get charge with anything criminal I will mortgage my house to get Owens and Galloway to represent me. First Warr and now Byrd. Those guys cut a hell of a deal for their clients. It is not over for the Sheriff but the legal team representing him has done a hell of a job. If the Sheriff had cooperated with his legal team he might have even done better. He poisoned the well so to say on the jury pool and left the legal team with few safe options to pursue. In the end arrogance born of a belief that he was above the law is what brought the Sheriff down. He even kept this same behavioral pattern while under the direct supervision of a Judge. The only thing he didn’t do was pick the wrong lawyers. If they had to do it over again I doubt his legal team would accept him as a client as he obviously did not follow their directions on how to conduct himself after they agreed to represent him. The lawyers will never tell but I can only imagine the behind the scenes discussions with the Sheriff by his legal counsel were intense.

  2. One down 30+ state counts to go. He would be better off going to federal prison than state prison. Somewhere Byrd got the God syndrome and completely change according to close friends in Jackson County. What he allowed to happen in the heart doctors case will cost the tax payers over there millions before it is over.

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