He claims terrorizing school secretaries while giving his political friends a pass makes him eminently qualified…..

That right folks, Stacey Pickering, whose office investigated Mississippi DMR for over a year and let Bill Walker and Company go scott free after DMR was looted out over one million dollars fixing Bill Walker’s foundation’s boat fleet before lowering the boom on a few low level employees that may have filched $5,000 or so padding their travel says he is interested in running for the US Senate. God help us all.

Stacey Pickering mulling run for U.S. Senate if Thad Cochran doesn’t run ~ AP

My instincts are to vote for the McDaniels guy no matter who runs for the seat on the Republican side.

3 thoughts on “He claims terrorizing school secretaries while giving his political friends a pass makes him eminently qualified…..”

  1. Yes Auditor Stacey should go ahead and run.

    The people are waiting to hear his opinions on how cultures of corruption are allowed to develop in government agencies. From his high position, he probably has some ideas about the state of corruption in the state. Even better, he may be able to explain to the average voter how rooting out the big dollar corruption differs from the penny ante schemes that don’t require his presence for apologetic explanations and minimization at the local Rotary club before the federal indictments drop.

    No doubt Pickering realizes that the little crooks need to all be found quickly, before they lead additional important people astray with their self developed cultures of corruption. There is a limited supply of contributors, lobbyists and consultants on the Coast and in Jackson. If Pickering has to cause too many more to be indicted, then a serious shortage may develop. An action plan to stop this by discovering and arresting lots of little people could help keep Mississippi clean and would help clear away the miasma spread by the various public records the public has seen. Plans like this get people elected.

    He must know that he will be asked how squeezing 10 cents on the dollar from the big pigs at the trough (the boat settlement, which signers of apparently just happen to have a lot of friends) serves to both deter the other little boys and girls, and made the taxpayers whole to the best of his abilities. Once again, another opportunity to educate the public on how things really are. That famous boat settlement can probably be explained as in total compliance with the various biblical principles, which may well be guiding the good chaplain/auditor and future senator. Perhaps it is the “can’t squeeze blood from a stone” guidance from above which justifies the observed fact that various big stones which aren’t squeezed very hard; while the little stones go to the crusher. For sure, the little stones don’t have sufficiently entertaining and profitable fundraisers for those on the make.

    Auditor Pickering should remember that just because people think he is a CPA and has a fancy MBA from a top ranked school, they really think that don’t matter much when it comes to how he does his job. It is the art of getting along and following orders which really lets one git-r-dun when the brown hits the blades. Not to mention, having to be squeezing small stones till they bleed day in and day out probably keeps him up at night.

    Just one or two additional delays, and the DMR trials will be conducted while Pickering is making his senate run. Talk about free cheap publicity.

  2. I nominate George Schloegel to run. He saved Gulfport in a time of ethical crisis. Perhaps he could be convinced to do the same for Mississippi. He would definitely bring some discipline and ethics to the Republican Party. He would also do a hell of a job in Washington. He is what our state and Nation need at this time. I hope to hell he runs.

  3. I’m wondering how Stacey Pickering will explain his not doing his elected duties as the present State Auditor. Look at the mess at DMR!

    And how will he also explain his ‘in bed’ association with DMR patrons including Cloyd and all those Republicans who attended his campaign money confab on the beach in Ocean Springs this past summer?

    With all these people claiming they may run for Cochran’s seat, does the people of Mississippi have any honest and above board person to vote for at the present time that is not beholden to Big Oil, a particular group, etc.?

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