He was always a ham…….

I know there are some of you folks like James over at Opinionated Catholic that are scratching your heads trying to figure out how Dean Kelly has managed to stay outta the pen despite his many well documented scrapes with both the fairer sex and the law. Two things folks and the first one is Dean is a ham from way far back.  He’s incorrigible too.

Sex offender Dean Kelly feigned illness when arrested, doctors say ~ Claire Galofaro

The other part to the equation is that Dean traces his familial roots to the tomato selling business and in New Orleans, for a few generations now tomatoes selling has proven itself a lucrative business.  At this point it is not clear whether all the tomatoes in South Louisiana will help Dean, who still likely has sizable segments of the Tulane female student body fantasizing over strangling him.

This promises to be in the news cycle for a while. Stay tuned.