With the one year anniversary of the implosion of Team Letten approaching…..

Slabbed has a special series of posts coming that will break some new ground on the investigation into Jefferson Parish corruption that ultimately crashed and burned. It is a story of arrogance and greed with a side helpin’ of stupidity. The combination resulted in multiple victimes de la guerre and tarnished the reputations of the G-Men in this area. Prosecutions, such as the Danziger Bridge case have been endangered and in that respect this is a continuing story.

Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “With the one year anniversary of the implosion of Team Letten approaching…..”

  1. Now listen to me. Listen to me. Pay attention to me.Listen to me – all you hobbits, snails and spuds:

    ” Fourscore and one year ago, minus forty years, the Heebies brought forth to the U.S.Attorney’s integrity Division information conceived on the internet with facts dedicated to the proposition that certain prosecutors were lying, blogging puppets.

    Now we are engaged in a test whether this U.S. Attorney’s Office so conceived and so dedicated to blogging can endure. And so now I have come to this hallow, private Tulane Campus to dedicate it as a final resting place for those that gave their lives on Camp St. that the Office may live.

    But, in a larger sense I can not dedicate, consecrate or hallow the Tulane Campus when hobbits, snails and spuds are allowed to denigrate these highly political grounds.The brave teacher here who struggled with the Heebie jeebies and O’Keefe gave his political life as the last means of devotion- has not resigned in vain- so that this Office under God, shall have a new birth of fresh prosecutors and that Office of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from Camp Street.”

    Now get the hell off the public sidewalk of this private campus as you are in violation of federal law.

    1. For a moment there I had visions of you using “bugger” and not “blogging.”
      And Lettenthemoff got himself there a golden parachute, while the public interest got a similarly coloured shower.

  2. And just remember this: How many “men” do you know that not only BEAT that son-of-a-bitch Letten, but shoved it up his ass and pulled it out sideways? Well, there was at least one: ME, Ashton O’Dwyer. The criminal charges which this bastard Letten brought against me were DISMISSED in their entirety, after an almost two (2) year struggle. And what Perricone and Maselli-Mann did to attempt to influence public opinion, and “poison the well” of the prospective jury pool in the Danziger litigation, PALES IN SIGNIFICANCE to the Press Release which that cocksucker Letten personally issued against me a few days after I was arrested by more FBI Agents than were dispatched to apprehend John Dillinger, while I was rotting in solitary confinement in the “Windsor Court St. Bernard”. I hope that motherfucker Letten ROTS IN HELL, and that the powers -that-be at Tulane fire his sorry dishonest ass. Ashton O’Dwyer.

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