Sunday Miller time: “Minerals”? WTF are “Minerals”?

Whatever they are I think Chancery Court Judge Jennifer Schloegel has ’em, unless the Supremes tote water for Jim Hood and Stacey Pickering and redefine what constitutes a public record that is.

Newspaper seeks contempt ruling against Pickering, auditor’s office ~ Anita Lee

If my best source on this is right and I think the person likely is correct on the assertion that the public records in question contain no smoking guns, this makes the actions of State Auditor Pickering and Attorney General Jim Hood all the more perplexing. That said the prevailing viewpoint and the one the sequence of events leading to the Federal subpoena of those records lends the most credibility is Pickering and Hood are covering for politically connected good ol’ boys that were looting out DMR’s artificial reef program etc.  Like I said, I’m sticking with the Pickering and Hood = Beavis and Butthead theory for now.

Next up is Mac and a letter that ran yesterday. (H/T Eye-Spy in comments)

Is Jamie Miller’s DMR a champion of the Coast or the governor? ~ Maxine Ramsay

The fix for drilling in the Mississippi sound was in from the time Miller was appointed to lead DMR.

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  1. JRA’s law firm represents competing interests in Farish project
    A Jackson law office paid to represent the interests of two public bodies in a multi-million dollar project was simultaneously working to undermine the lead developer and make money for another client….

    …The Jackson Redevelopment Authority for decades has been guided by a law firm that works for many of the same companies that look to the agency for assistance, as well as some of the lenders that fund them.

    A Clarion-Ledger review of hundreds of pages of court records, meeting minutes and other public documents has identified some relationships so entangled it is difficult to see how Jones Walker LLP can juggle the competing interests of all its clients at once

    1. RFP,

      It looks like you and Patricia have been putting in some serious overtime this weekend 🙂

      At this point I really have no idea what could be cooking in the backroom in Pickering’s house. At this point, nothing would surprise me. For his sake, I hope there is a real purpose behind all this. If not, and he is pulling some shenanigans or covering for his buddies, his political career may be doomed. If that proves to be true, his next opponent in any office will have a field day with him.

      1. Why I think the fight might be continuing even if there is nothing new in the records in immediate dispute: precedence.

        For sure the idea that a newspaper can access the public’s records and then analyze them for alleged wrongdoings and alleged conflicts of interests at the associated alleged con profits needs to be smothered by the State and its hirelings. Not to mention the affront that by using new technology these newspapers (and bloggers) can actually aid and abet the viewing of the public records on the public’s own computers…

        Really, what else can the pols and their con-sultants and donors do?

  2. I think more than anything else that I am aware of, the green light on drilling that will be pushed by Miller is the real reason behind his appointment to the position of director at the DMR. With the MDA playing Bryant’s hand for him, Miller appears to be in lock step. While I have not decided if drilling off of the Coast for natural gas is a bad thing, it appears that prior to Miller’s appointment, he was told by his boss to be, that drilling would be a good thing for the state of Ms. His decision has been made. Now for the formalities.

      1. The more you think about it the more this is crystal clear. If a scientist or academic would have been appointed to the position they more than likely would not agree with MDAs “Drill Baby Drill” policy. I would love to know if drilling in the Ms. Sound was discussed during the interviews of the 3 final candidates referred to the governor by the CMR. We have not even been allowed to know the candidates for the directors position. Most people I have discussed this with do not believe Jamie Miller was in the top three. He was decided on prior to resumes being requested by the CMR. One day maybe the public will get the truth from somebody. This may all be sealed for 50 years to protect the guilty.

        1. His level of education and raw credentials alone should have caused him to be removed from any further CONsideration in round 1. I think his actions at the DMR speak for themselves and the public got exactly what was on his r

        2. The carbon dioxide from the Kemper plant will be injected into GOM oil fields to enhance oil production and “cleanly” dispose of the carbon dioxide captured. Will existing oil production wells be able consume the CO2 to be produced, or will new wells help the Kemper partners and the oil companies “clean up” on the Gulf Coast?

          Mississippi Power has built a 60-mile CO2 pipeline from the plant to connect with an existing CO2 pipeline where the CO2 will be transferred to oil field operators (Denbury Onshore LLC and Treetop Midstream Services, LLC) and injected into the subsurface for enhanced oil recovery (EOR). The CO2 from the Kemper plant will displace Denbury’s current CO2 source from Jackson Dome, a natural CO2 reservoir. Large-scale CCS demonstrations and the Kemper Project

          1. How will we ever know where it really goes? Do the ratepayers get any credit for the sale of this byproduct ? This is such a boondoggle I believe they will tell the public anything to help repair the corporate image. I personally do not think for a second Ms. Power is to be believed an I hope somebody like the Sierra Club monitors every move.

          2. Surprise. Surprise.

            Kemper County power plant, oil producers find political sweet spot for Obama with ‘carbon capture’ technology

            The EPA last week exempted carbon dioxide injection from strict hazardous waste laws. It classified the wells used to inject the gas underground for oil production in a category that offers less protection for drinking water.

            Oil companies using carbon to get oil also aren’t subject now to the tougher reporting and monitoring requirements that experts say are necessary to ensure the carbon stays underground, and they’re fighting an EPA proposal that would require them to be if the carbon comes from power plants covered by the new federal rules.

            For those interested in financial details:

            Mississippi Power Company
            Docket No. ES14-1-000
            (Issued December 17, 2013)

    1. This was to be expected. He is running on ego not a record of accomplishments. He thinks because he gets his mug in front of the camera every time he demands the return of something on behalf of the taxpayers we are not smart enough to realize most demands are never paid. He did allow the Marine Resource Foundation members to turn over two donated 30 year old boat hulls for forgiveness of over a million dollars. Things like this are what we need to remember as the Frontiers boys get his campaign going and throw a few more fund raisers. Stacey Pickering is a Bozo without the red nose.

      1. It looks like he may have some competition along the way from multiple people. If his opponents want to get dirty, I don’t think they would have a problem tearing him apart.

    2. Welp, going to Facebook didn’t save all the comments critical of Pickering that the Sun Herald deleted from the article.

      1. The sun herald deleted comments? Are those the comments in the article itself or from the public commenters that the honest people adore? 🙂

        1. Reader comments critical of Pickering. With McDaniels polling well the GOP establishment has gotta be concerned.

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