With the one year anniversary of the implosion of Team Letten approaching…..

Slabbed has a special series of posts coming that will break some new ground on the investigation into Jefferson Parish corruption that ultimately crashed and burned. It is a story of arrogance and greed with a side helpin’ of stupidity. The combination resulted in multiple victimes de la guerre and tarnished the reputations of the G-Men in this area. Prosecutions, such as the Danziger Bridge case have been endangered and in that respect this is a continuing story.

Stay tuned.

Sunday Miller time: “Minerals”? WTF are “Minerals”?

Whatever they are I think Chancery Court Judge Jennifer Schloegel has ’em, unless the Supremes tote water for Jim Hood and Stacey Pickering and redefine what constitutes a public record that is.

Newspaper seeks contempt ruling against Pickering, auditor’s office ~ Anita Lee

If my best source on this is right and I think the person likely is correct on the assertion that the public records in question contain no smoking guns, this makes the actions of State Auditor Pickering and Attorney General Jim Hood all the more perplexing. That said the prevailing viewpoint and the one the sequence of events leading to the Federal subpoena of those records lends the most credibility is Pickering and Hood are covering for politically connected good ol’ boys that were looting out DMR’s artificial reef program etc.  Like I said, I’m sticking with the Pickering and Hood = Beavis and Butthead theory for now.

Next up is Mac and a letter that ran yesterday. (H/T Eye-Spy in comments)

Is Jamie Miller’s DMR a champion of the Coast or the governor? ~ Maxine Ramsay

The fix for drilling in the Mississippi sound was in from the time Miller was appointed to lead DMR.

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