Reality begins to set in……

Few support delaying changes in Flood Insurance ~ Andrew Taylor

Meantime at the local business community meeting on this topic a couple of days ago here in Bay Waveland, Steven Palazzo sent a staffer in his stead as he is evidently afraid to publicly engage his vote to bankrupt substantial numbers of his own constituents “reforming” the corporate welfare program otherwise known as the Flood Insurance Program.

3 thoughts on “Reality begins to set in……”

  1. Stand by southern Louisiana we are about to see a Las Vegas like flood of abandoned homes because the owners can’t afford to pay the flood insurance along with the already too high auto and home owners insurance rates. The private homes in Laffite are destined to become marsh fishing camps.

    For the first time we have a” Special Man” Insurance Commissioner who hasn’t gone to jail however all he can say to the insurance CEO’s bout’ their rate increases is, “Let Them Have It”. So I say next election the voters need to pull the voting lever next to a new commissioner and “Let the Old Commissioner Have It”

    On a side note ( AROD are you hearing this) if you criticize the President bout’ anything you are a racist ( so says Freedom Medal and billionaire Oprah). And other flaming liberals are now playing the “Ultimate Blame Game” saying that ObamaCare’s failure is because the Republicans haven’t helped the liberals to implement it. Hello, when you vote 100% against proposed legislation, as the Republicans did, would you insanely want to help implement it .

    No wonder why the Demos’ mascot is the Jackass

  2. never too late for a rudder to say I’m wrong, I need help, and I’m sorry.

    dreaming of that lovely song by Karen and Richard Carpenter about blessing the beasts and the children. Mah-velous place to start

  3. Pretty Boy Palazzo will push his way in any photo opt, such as the WWII Honor Flights, to make sure his snout is there for the public to see. Otherwise, he attempts to steer clear of any controversial problem. He has been mute on his father Frank being involved in the Land Trust money pit. Why?

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