Rough and Rugged Saturday Open….

Last night could have been worse with rainfall coming down “in buckets” with the temperature at 49 instead of last night’s 59.  I’m still feeling last night’s rainy visit to Leakesville, Mississippi.

Rocks slip by Wildcats 14-13 ~ Joe Gex II

Along those lines and since this is Saturday I have this from Slabbed’s archives.

In the South, college football is a religion, and every Saturday is holy day ~ Nowdy

Obamacare’s impact on taxpayer supported public hospitals continues to manifest itself, even here in Hancock County.

Ochsner Contract to Expire ~ Dwayne Bremer

We very publicly see the need to get bigger playing out with the two large taxpayer funded hospitals in Jefferson Parish and not in a good way.  To the extent the Mississippi Coast is not insulated from the economics of Obamacare the same basic question of what to do next is certainly playing out in Harrison and Jackson Counties as well as the rural counties and communities north of the coast.

Finally Paul Hampton checks in with an interesting story: Continue reading “Rough and Rugged Saturday Open….”