Tuesday Open: Stick a fork in it!

File this one under canceled.

A&E airs final episodes of ‘The Governor’s Wife’ early Sunday without warning ~ Chelsea Brasted

It was that bad and that is saying something for reality TeeVee, which is generally bad.

From the Jefferson Parish Hospital front Parish Councilman Chris Robert’s, despite being sued personally for defaulting on his business loans is suddenly a hospital financial expert.

HCA, critics disagree over how much it would pay in taxes on Jefferson hospitals

In Jefferson Parish hospitals lease competition, Children’s and HCA spar over property taxes ~ Ben Myers

The bottom line is HCA will pay property taxes while Children’s will not so this latest bit of BS from Team Children’s is how much over zero will HCA benefit the Parish via payment of property taxes.

Next up a two pack from the Sun Herald on the DMR Scandal:

Auditor wants secret court proceedings in public records case; Sun Herald objects ~ Anita Lee

And from the business must be a little slow in Hattiesburg files:

Judges switched in DMR criminal case ~ Anita Lee

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7 thoughts on “Tuesday Open: Stick a fork in it!”

    1. But Rand Paul is not interfering with the process of picking a vendor, while HCA could easily call out Chris Robert in discovery and deposition to name his “experts.” You make a good point without need for non sequiturs on a stellar scale.

        1. Only because, rfp, the tempest in a teapot over Biden, Paul, etc. is just that. Roberts, on the other hand, exemplifies the type who stays just micrometers away from activities which would net you, me and the fellow serfs “three hots and a cot” on some RICO charge.

  1. Holy Trailer Trash Toast Batman,

    Looks like A&E done stuck a fork in da’ overstuffed, Red, White and mostly Blue “Governor’s Wife” jump suit causing sleazy leakage wit’ da’ producers and directors slipping and sliding as what to do wit’ a series beat out by me cajun duck- calling bros’.

    Pursonally, me tinks da’ producers/directors would make mo’ money doing Viagra overdosage infomercials wit’ Trina and da’ silver fox givin’ pursonal testicumonials on his 4 minute pretzel erections.


  2. A fifth fork, Doug.

    Check out the entangling alliances present in the Jeff/Plaquemines Parish litigating against Big Oil.

    Hint: Jefferson Parish’s finest shysters give a clue?

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