I thought Halloween was last week…..

Just when you thought the news cycle had gotten too quiet:

Perricone turns the page, pens New Orleans novel ~ WDSU via Editilla

Nowdy sends the following with a note that ol’ Doug knew something very few other folks in MIssissippi did but I’m invoking Rule 301. 😉

School Board member: Hank Bounds can ‘sell you the sweat off his balls’ ~ Amy McCullough

I will say Hank never tried selling me his wares but his meteoric rise to the top of the Mississippi Education pyramid does not surprise me in the least.  My bold prediction is he’ll end up being president of a major college before he’s done.

Next up is Mississippi’s version of whack a mole:

Federal subpoena of DMR records thwarts Sun Herald’s court-ordered access ~ Anita Lee

To amplify what I am thinking a comment bump from Biloxi Blues is in order:

The DMR investigation is said to be in the final stages with a grand jury in place or to be impaneled in Harrison County. I have been told by a very reliable source that the Feds and State have reached an agreement that allows for some to be indicted on federal charges and some to be indicted on state charges. It appears the Feds will take those involved in anything that used federal dollars like CIAP monies. The state will concentrate on say for example employees that committed payroll fraud or converted state assets for their own personal use. These minor crimes are said to be many. Should happen soon.The politicians are getting very nervous about the negative impact that dragging it out is causing in particular the Republicans all the way to the highest offices in Jackson.

Seen through that prism the fact the US Attorney’s Office obviously colluded with the State Auditor and Attorney General to deprive the Sun Herald access to the DMR public records indicates things are close to a climax, either that or a massive whitewash is in progress because one can’t reasonably infer anything but those two possibilities. I can’t imagine Judge Schloegel is very happy a state agency flipped her the bird so I’m very interested to see what she’ll do today.  All eyes should be on Anita Lee’s Twitter Timeline today. Continue reading “I thought Halloween was last week…..”