The Secret to Success……

the Rocks’ turn-around from 0-9 to 10-0, is the first time that it has happened in Mississippi football history as best as can be found. Many teams have gone from undefeated to winless in a 12-month time span but not this type of turnaround. It also is the first Rock team since 1919 to finish a regular season with an unblemished record.

……………The two things we did during the summer had a direct effect on this team and their preparation. We had a team retreat where we did not talk football at all. What we focused on was our spiritual life, character, history of our program and school and leadership, Not once did we talk football.”

Fertitta continued, “The second thing was the entire team participated in reading the same book throughout the summer.

So there you have it folks.  😉

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  1. ROLL ROCKS !!!! I have always admired this institution and the fine young men they have produced over the years. If all schools were managed like this one no telling where our country would be in comparison to other countries educational success.

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