Byron Lee and Mark Spears say they’re not a bunch of thieving crooks……

Everyone is getting lots of mileage outta that Legislative Auditor’s report on Jefferson Parish West Bank Conprofits. Here is the latest:

Byron Lee, Mark Spears bristle at audit report that public money helped their relatives, associates ~ Andrea Shaw

Former Jefferson Parish Councilman Byron Lee says audit implicating patronage politically motivated ~ Andrea Shaw

Mark Spears Jr. contends he didn’t benefit from public money, argues audit findings misleading ~ Andrea Shaw

Like I said, lots of mileage.

Statement from Jefferson Parish Councilman Mark Spears on audit ~ WDSU

Byron Lee issues statement on audit ~ WDSU

Paul Connick? ┬áSomeone in the media actually dropped the MIA DA’s name. (With a straight face no less). ┬áMark Spears and Byron Lee must’ve had a good belly laugh at that. How about some lovely music:

Anyone care to rate the chances anything will actually come of the 472 page report? My guess would be 1% on Connick and 5% on Polite.

2 thoughts on “Byron Lee and Mark Spears say they’re not a bunch of thieving crooks……”

  1. The theft is rampant, and the prosecuting authorities stand silently by and do nothing. Meanwhile, the taxpayers continue to blindly approve taxes like lemmings jumping off the cliff.

    The time for revolt is now. Taxpayers should not approve one more nickel in renewals, re-dedications, or new taxes. We are tired of taxation without representation!

    1. Had Enuff: I’m convinced besides the apathetic non-voters, the havenot voters who vote for every tax that” I don’t have to pay” and naive civic minded”yes” voters – the majority of voters voting for the last tax” millage renewals/ increases were the vast “machine” voters- JP employees ( and their family, friends and business associates) who work in the engineering,water, drainage, sewage and educational associated depts and of course the families , friends and businesses associates of the perennial contractors who receive or bid for the supra-lucrative contracts associated with the public projects of said JP depts.. And of course these taxes are permanently effective for not 2,4,6,8 but 10 years, irregardless of the interim economic plight of the taxpayers.

      Maybe one day a political research study will reveal just how many bureaucratic related/dependent votes are cast in any given JP parish tax election. Before that occurs we will continue to be heavily entrenched and permanently caught in a socialistic,” good ole boy spiders web” spun by :

      The havenot voters (i.e renters, consumers of public education and gov’t freebies who vote for all property taxes to support their ” help me while I sit on my ass condition”) , the bureaucratic employees; the bureaucratic dependent,commercial campaign contributing contractors and the political whore representatives/organizers who service them and themselves by spinning the strongest ” network” of fibers known to mankind. And even if the voters are lucky to occasionally break out ( vote down tax millages with a toll bridge tax) they find themselves caught again in another duplicate web spun by the same .

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