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Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Handelsman to join Advocate ~ The NOLA Advocate

Walt Handelsman has been a Slabbed tweep for a while now and I’m happy to hear he is back coming home from the north east.

The Jefferson Parish Hospital debacle takes another twisted turn as the BS is freely flowing:

Don’t split hospitals without public vote, West Jeff board says ~ Jeff Adelson

Perhaps the power brokers should not have stripped the public of that right to begin with but what’s done is done. Yesterday a reader noted even the Jefferson Parish coroner chipped in his two cents on this man made disaster:

Jefferson Parish should start over on hospital lease search ~ Gerry Cvitanovich

Next up is Maybury on the Mississippi Coast:

Bay violated open meetings law ~ Seacoast Echo

The sentence for this violation is 40 lashes with a wet noodle.

Next up is developer Jim MacPhaille and the old Second Street Elementary School as he makes the PR rounds with the local media. It is interesting to see virtually identical stories across several differing local media outlets on this topic.

NOLA developer buys Katrina damaged school ~ AP via NOLA City Business

Finally, a reader sends an alert that Joseph Ryan at the Chicago Tribune continues to nail the video poker industry in Illinois and Louisiana’s Nicky Nichols in particular.

Gambling regulators ‘working on’ video poker reforms ~ Joseph Ryan

4 thoughts on “Wednesday links”


    Rey,Hey,Mikie, Mikie, know what day it is ?

    Yes, its happy “hump” day alright but unfortunately today we have to jump over a big hairy “hump” of smelly bullshit in the Advocate. Where Jeff Adelman quotes Chairman of the WJ Hospital Board, Cahill, saying, ” When we went to the people and told them we were going to change the law and gave them the reasons for that, everyone was very supportive.”

    Dear Mr. Cahill by stating ” the people ” and ” everyone was very supportive ” surely you must be referring to your 7 political cronies in the Banana Republic Legislature who helped pass the bill to remove the public vote on the hospitals’ lease. If instead you are referring to the general public being ” very supportive” you are the GREATEST LIAR OF ALL TIME, far surpassing my beloved Obama’s repeated promises that ” if you have health insurance you can keep it”.

    As far as you PLEADING for a public vote now, after removing the public’s right earlier, I smell turds- like the possibility of political voter arm twisting, voter fraud, vote machine tampering and vote irregularities that I can’t even imagine. As these leases mean hundreds of millions and for that amount of $$$$ everything evil is possible. My Afghan U.S. military buddies with machine guns would have to watch over every voter poll and vote machine, like they do in third world banana republics, and even then there would still be doubts, Sir.

    Spend 15 minutes with me and I’ll tell you to consolidate and eliminate the two duplicate hospital boards, kick the political dead wood jobs out, stop donating millions to so-called non-profit minority health clinics associated with councilmen that end up mismanaged and you too will soon become one fine tuned, profitable healthcare hospital group. And ” everyone will be supportive” and be happier than me on “hump” day.

    Finally Sir, when you dump a camel size BS mess in your big boy” PRESS” pants have the camel decency to clean yourself up and at least spray a little air fresher around like they do at the Audubon Zoo..

    1. Camel Postscript:

      Hey, Hey Mr.Cahill, Cahill know what day it is today? That’s right its Halloween and if its not to scary for you and the Council how about you dressing up as a real CEO of WJ Hospital and trick or treating the Council into contracting a hospital management analyst to exam WHY- consolidation of the two hospital boards into only one board, unifying both hospitals into one purchasing unit,firing all political dead wood jobs, eliminating giving millions to mismanaged non-profit health units and effectively utilizing all 4,000 VOLUNTEERS working their butts off everyday for no pay – can’t restore profitability to the hospitals?

      Sorry Mr. Cahill if I frightened you and the Clowns with that first Halloween costume idea then Hey, Hey, Hey- maybe you could be Albert Einstein and theorize about hospital relativity and discover why if two politically run hospitals can’t make a profit with an army of 4,000 VOLUNTEERS how is Childrens or HCA going to make a profit without them ?

      Oh no Mikie, Mikie bring a bucket , gloves and deodorant I think we frightened our beloved ” hump” day visitor a bit too much here on Halloween.


      1. Lock, you know well the Republic is in a death spiral when a kleptocrat starts braying for a public vote on a matter after eliminating the public from governance first by simply ignoring them, then obtaining an imperial ukase from Red Stick (or the District of Criminals, whichever is fitting) which legitimates ignoring the serfs, then seeking legitimacy for a nefarious deed by asking for a vote of the serfs on the matter.

        Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats

  2. Alas, Handlesman is “ethically challenged” given he finds some kleptocrats preferable to others, which is the last thing we need.

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