Monday Miscellany: Thompson crash and burn continues, Juvie Court race, TeeVee lawyers gone wild plus a field politician

I hope everyone enjoyed the wonderful stretch of weather since late last week. I managed to spend copious amounts of time outdoors plus there was a visit with my peeps in Lamar/Marion County. First up was the game Friday night and that attracted field politicians. Check it out below. – The News for South Mississippi

No football game is complete without a post game meal and this is what I served the teenage assemblage over at my place after the game.

But Friday was also “bad news Friday” for TeeVee lawyer Joe Raspanti over at Tom Benson’s Fox 8 as a reader pointed out:

In Re Joe Raspanti 13B2203.pc

Moving right along as it appears open season has been declared on Anatola Thompson and her hubby:

Jefferson Parish ex-official formed company at foreclosed home one week after abruptly resigning ~ Ben Myers

And the implosion of Zoe Fleming’s Juvie Court Campaign continues:

5-year-old video leads to bizarre charges in Jefferson judgeship race ~ Chad Calder, Faimon A. Roberts III and Bruce Eggler

Burmaster picks up endorsement in Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court race ~ Andrea Shaw

The astroturfing in comments is precious.

I understand Bobby Jindal was on Faux News yesterday spreading his brand of BS on healthcare:

Gov. Jindal Cites Flawed Oregon Study to Defend Turning Down Medicaid Expansion ~ Heather at Crooks and

Finally Glenn Greenwald and Bill Keller continue a discussion we periodically have here on Slabbed about the state of media:

Is Glenn Greenwald the Future of News? ~ Bill Keller

Feel free to add your own links in comments.

9 thoughts on “Monday Miscellany: Thompson crash and burn continues, Juvie Court race, TeeVee lawyers gone wild plus a field politician”

  1. Although I don’t want to sound like a “broken record”, I have to say that the disparity of my treatment, when contrasted with the treatment of REAL SCUM-BAGS, like Raspanti appears to be, is simply ASTOUNDING. The “reason”? ABUSE OF POWER and RETALIATION and RETRIBURTION by those in power. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. Holy Pizza Play Review Batman,

    After first glance of your pictured pizza bun play I threw the red flag as it appeared to be an illegally bleached cow patty. But after further instant review of the pizza procedure replay I realized it was actually a large high- tech, delicious meat pie, end around play involving cross blocking, clipping and baking with legal pile-ons. No penalty assessed but understand you are now the official permanent TEAM PIZZARIA for the Rockashaws.
    The St.Stanislaus field pyrotechnics, batman-like uniforms and spiked head of the Rockashaw mascot indeed ROCKS, but when time permits please inform the SlabbedNation what is a ROCKASHAW. As it doesn’t appear in the American Heritage College Dictionary between “rockabilly” and “rockerarm”

    1. Correction: Spell ck defense didn’t pick up my offensive misspell route above of ” Rockashaw” which should have correctly been run as ” Rockachaw”. Apologies to the Rockachaws.

    1. Hillie’s Date: I thank you so much for the historical info including the Ode . It all fits like O.J.’s gloves ( if he had not stretched out his fingers before tryin’ on). I do believe I’ve collected a few rockachaws , devils burs, in my feet from my lawn.

      And dats ( light bulb) explains why dere bees spikes on da’ mascot’s heed ! Da’ power of knowledge.

      If I ever attend a game I’ll bring my old shoulder pads with spikes glued on like the Georgia bulldog fans do. Or how about wearing an old wool sweater after you roll around in a grove of rockachaw burs proudly displaying the “Confusion, disaster and horrid’s death’s jaw’s”- from the Ode to the Rockachaws).

      Here’s hoping Pope Francis doesn’t read about such a cruel, inhumane mascot and Ode on da’ internet..

  3. And I sincerely hope that the current generation of “rockachaws” emulate “Doc” Blanchard, who I believe to be the most famous graduate of St. Stanislaus: Heisman Trophy recipient, West Point graduate, professional football draftee, military pilot, Vietnem veteran, etc., etc., etc. The WOOSIES that surround us today would CRY if they stepped on a rockachaw, instead of EATING them in their breakfast cereal. Also, remember Brother Dean and Brother Lee. Where are you when we need you? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. AROD – Indeed the ageless Brother Lee Barker is still alive and doing well at the Brother’s school in Mobile involved in quasi-retirement. He and Brother Joseph Donovan, Brother Albert Guarino and Brother Pierre St. Pierre were some of the most important to me in my four years in BStL @ SSC. We could use more men like them.

      1. Holy Super Specious Suggestion Batman,

        Since this is two-fa- tuesday maybe Ashton could become da’ Bro’s magic show assistant and bring his Obamacare’s Gold health policy with100% euthanasia coverage, dat he toiled for hours on his computer to obtain, and put it in Brother Lee’s rabbit hat and save not only the SlabbedNation’s superhero’s life but 1/6 th of our economy from financial ruin.

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