Wild Wild West Part 1

In my considered opinion we have backstory potential. Vital background here.

Burmaster gets endorsement in runoff against Fleming for Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court ~ Paul Purpura

I understand there is a warrant for Joe Berry’s arrest related to Paul’s story above. Backstory? Here is a hint as we note twofer Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “Wild Wild West Part 1”

  1. Wow, what a freakin mess. Bad advice,affairs,divorces,conflicts and money all involved in this race. They have all given a new meaning to Juvenile Court. Joe Berry appears to be the area CONsultant.

  2. I guess I missed any mention of Zoe Smith’s involvement but I can see by reading the links what is Wong with her.

    1. 🙂

      Bipolar disorder has been a frequent topic in the past here. Meds control the bad effects. I’ve been wrasslin’ with how to present this in the context of the Juvie Judge race.

      Joe Berry aka Joseph Chuck West is the interesting participant in this campaign. He could not have messed Connie Montgomery up worse. There are other stories of newbie political candidates that feel fleeced by the guy. It is in Berry aka West’s connections the backstory lies.

      Zoe Flemming has gotten all the votes she is gonna get from a practical standpoint so long as 11% turn out like last Saturday.

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