Egg Water Delinquents Part Two: A collaboration between Slabbed New Media and the Alliance for Good Government

Here is a sampling of some of the seriously overdue water bills per the following Aging report obtained from the City of Waveland by Lana Noonan of the Alliance for Good Government:

Habitat for Humanity—-$473.59
Ronnie Artigues–$141.09
James Varnell–$101.40
Cecilia Howe—$109.80
Oak Park Apartments- over $16,000
Gulfshore Properties–$39,763.46
Gulf Grove Apartments–$13,987.50

Click below to obtain the full 49 page aging as it includes other notables such as former Mayor Stella Frilot.


4 thoughts on “Egg Water Delinquents Part Two: A collaboration between Slabbed New Media and the Alliance for Good Government”

  1. The Sun-Herald reported today in their top headline, page 1, the tax breaks these subsidized housing
    units are going to be getting thanks to the Miss. State Supreme Court. Now thanks to Slabbed and the
    Hancock County Alliance for Good Government, we now know that they are also raping two cities in
    Hancock County on utilities in the thousands of dollars in delinquent utilities. That would be Waveland
    and Bay St. Louis. It is past time to cut off their service. The rest of the utility users are footing the whole
    bill for the system with regard to salaries for utility workers, maintenance, repairs, etc. And both cities
    just raised fees, so the ones who pay are getting hit even harder. Like I said; cut them off, the
    corporations who own them will send the check, or maybe they’ll leave town. It wil be a relief to the
    Sheriff if they do.

  2. Do the first two numbers indicate the year service began?
    Why is the Jourdan River Steamer (‘ain’t d’ere no mo’) included in a Waveland water list? Owner lives in Waveland?
    Just wondering.

  3. With fronds and faunily like these, who needs anemones?

    “You can’t trust water. Even a straight stick turns crooked in it.”
    W. C. Fields

  4. Nice to see that the apartments we live in are delinquent to the tune of several thousand dollars. Not to mention that convicted felons run the place. No wonder they are going up $50 a month on rent. The owner is supposed to be a millionaire. They’ll all skip out before long.

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