Very hoarse today…..

And today there are some very sore kids in both Poplarville and the Bay.

Rocks stop Poplarville Hornets 48-41 ~ Joseph Gex II

Next up:

Mayor wants $500K credit line ~ Cassandra Favre

Comment bump because today this house is a house divided:

Will the CONsultants ,Chief of Staffs, Aide De Camps, Policy Analyst and other RepubliCONs show up in the Grove today? Is another slapdown scheduled? Did Feel Bryant sit them all down this week in his conference room and chew their ass out about the apparent infighting going on? All eyes are on deck here in Oxford including my LSU Tiger Eyes. Hotty Toddy Josh Almighty, who the hell are they? Slap, punch, kick, scratch, Will this be like last Saturday? GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!

Too funny! I’ll be back tomorrow with the lowdown on the delinquent H2Oers in the fair city of Waveland as Slabbed and the Alliance for Good Government collaborate yet again. The list contains some surprising names.