Bill Minor writes about new Port and Harbor Director Ashley Edward. Slabbed compares and contrasts

I think by now everyone paying attention to the hire of Phil Bryant/Haley Barbour political crony Ashley Edwards at the Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission, including the PR counter offensive to the negative publicity accorded the Edward’s hire has seen the letters to the Editor at both the Sea Coast Echo and the Sun Herald by Waveland Alderman Lili Stahler referencing a column on the topic by Bill Minor. Of interest to me was the fact the Sun Herald edited the Bill Minor Column on that topic heavily (click and read now as it will soon be gone). And the part of Minor’s column that ended up in the McClatchy chop shop? The part about where the nickname Hancock Parish is derived. Here it is via the Desoto Times Tribune:

Back in my days covering Mississippi for The Times-Picayune, one of my specialties was rooting out corruption in county government. Hancock County (Bay St. Louis) always seemed one of the usual suspects.

Times have changed, at least in who’s in charge politically. Whereas almost every public office-holder back then was a Democrat, or called himself a Democrat, today a high percentage of them are Republicans, even at the county level. How the party switch happened is still debatable, but one way it happened is that Repubs broadly cast the impression Democrats couldn’t be trusted with handling the peoples’ business. In other words, Republicans were the ones in white hats and Democrats were the black-hatted bunch.

A story in the (Biloxi) Sun Herald that caught my eye last week had good old Hancock County back in the chicanery marketplace, the deal this time surprisingly orchestrated by the state’s top Republican, namely Gov. Phil Bryant himself.

There is a reason the Sun Herald does not cover Hancock County investigatively and that reason is on display in the part of Bill Minor’s column that ended up on the cutting room floor.

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  1. No experience in port or airport management. Has successfully managed a one man office. Knows the Governor. Was an honorable mention for the top job at DMR. Faithful Republican soldier. Helped with a book about Katrina. Was involved in distributing hurricane recovery funds. Yes, these are all incomplete sentences much like Ashley Edward’s qualifications for the position he has been hired for. To further insult the taxpayers they started his salary at the very top of the pay scale. The only thing you can assume that makes sense is Phil Bryant promised Hancock County something if they would take his crony selection. I have been told he played hard ball when he met with the Biloxi politicians and twisted their arms to vote in favor of the new baseball stadium. No stadium meant no funding for the completion of the back bay road to 90. All in a days work for the politicians.

    1. Edwards had the job from day 1. It would be great to see an investigation into the hiring process at the port authority, because there must have been some qualified candidates that were not given the time of day. Mr. Edwards is one of the laziest people to reside in south Mississippi and will certainly need an adjustment period to get used to getting up every day to go into an office, not just work out of his home. Additionally, there are troubling rumors circling about Mr. Edwards’ personal life, and if true, I’m sure we will be disgusted every time we drive by the port office. For now, the blatant corruption found in the Edwards hiring has lead me to support Gene Taylor running for Congress, and to run as a Republican! Palazzo won’t condemn actions such as these, so let

  2. Maybe the politicians switched parties to limit the exposure to being targeted for their party affiliation. Why risk being targeted from a personal standpoint not a political? Yes, just switch parties.

  3. Since Boss Hogg and his CONprofit group came to the Coast, many have jumped right on the bandwagon. There are only a few (very few) legislators from this area that are truly loyal to our Coastal area and what we do. They have been pushed by the wayside for the Hogg/Lott gravy train and all you have to do is look around at who has been “installed” in the local government positions to see who is on the train. It starts with the Mayors, Supervisors, newly developed Committees assigned to do this and that. I am sick of “Committees”. Our own local people are capable of steering and guiding the direction of OUR COAST. All of the crooks (and you know if you are on the take or not), might as well get ready because either (1) you are going to get a free vacation for a few years, or (2) your moneyline is about to dry up. And the turncoats who sold the Coast out to Jackson??? There’s something very special coming for you. Can’t wait until you get to reap the “benefits”.

  4. I find Stahler’s closing comment in her endorsement letter interesting: “give the man a chance, and save criticism until it is warranted.” Well, howze about some warranted criticism of her performance on the Hancock County Solid Waste Board with Bay St. Louis Mayor Fillingame (he’s the chairman) and Bay St. Louis Councilman Compretta allowing Bay St. Louis to hold up the Waste Authority’s docket because Bay St. Louis hasn’t paid their bill to Solid Waste in 3 months. Check out last week’s Sea Coast Echo. They are now in arrears over $100,000. She’s a big fan of Fillingame; had his campaign signs on her property in Waveland during the Bay’s election last summer and worked a telephone campaign for him as well.

    Suffice it say, she and the 2 from the Bay have had time to prove themselves on this Board, which makes this criticism warranted and them deserving of it!!!!!

  5. I believe what we are seeing before our eyes is an expansion of the authoritarian and/or totalitarian regime. The behavior and beliefs of our dictators share qualities of these types of rouge governments. In the past year we have seen Jamie miller, Ashley Edwards and Bentz somehow aquire lofty positions by way of ancient customs and traditions. Each one of them bringing an elevated level of scrutiny around the state.

    As much as I would like to see Gene Taylor run for representative again, I would like it more if he was sitting in the governors house.

    1. “…ancient customs and traditions.”

      Masons, frats, and klans, Oh, My!
      Perhaps we can leave the dark ages behind, and enter a new Age of Enlightenment thanks to the Alternative New Media.

      Agree with you that Gene is needed most at the helm of the State.

      1. I think the connections are far deeper than common college fraternities and local Masonic lodges. The Klan would not surprise me one bit but I believe this secret underground regime has existed since the days of plantations and the “old way of life”

        1. Good point. If you’re referring to legitimated fiefdoms (h/t Empire), I’m thinking Doug, with his track record, already knows who to draw and quarter when he is no longer FBIced or otherwise constrained, as well as who were just pawns in the game. As it is clear we will not be in Kansas anymore, will the quality of mercy be strained in this new world?

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