4 thoughts on “Tom lets the cat outta the bag”

  1. Tom reveals Anatola “…. couldn’t done all the conflicting deeds without” some big Iatolas helping her but as usual no response from da’ Council of Clowns.

    Margie Seemann comments Tom was kicked out of a prior Council meeting earlier discussing these issues of conflicts of interest with HUD grants and deals? Is there video of that hot encounter ?

  2. Wow, I haven’t seen Chrissy’s panties get that bunched since they ran out of Shrimp in the buffet line….

    If he doesn’t want the council to become a circus, perhaps he should remove himself as lead clown……………………

  3. I would like for everyone to listen to what Councilman Paul Johnston says at the 14:51 mark. Although he jokes with the Parish Attorney a few minutes later, what he says about not listening half the time was no joke, or else he would not be talking about watching the tapes. Please someone from Harahan run against this guy, and use this clip.

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