The cost of cronyism on display in Jefferson Parish Hospital debate

Our Views: Curb politics on hospitals deal ~ New Orleans Advocate Editorial Board

And “the cost of cronyism” part:

West Jefferson Medical Center chairman explains Children’s preference ~ Ben Myers

HCA is offering Jefferson Parish more money for the lease, $538 million compared to Children’s $406 million, and HCA would pay a estimated $183 million in property taxes where Children’s would pay no taxes.

While I do the math let’s enjoy a lovely video:

And the answer is…..

Three hundred fifteen million dollars!!!!! That’s right close folks, close to one third of a billion dollars. Of all the boondoggles hoisted upon the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish by the Parish Council through time this one has gotta rank close to the top, far surpassing Canal Bottoms and the River Birch Landfill exclusive.

I’d say Councilmen Chris Roberts and Elton LaGasse owes the taxpaying public an explanation here. And folks we gotta give Sheriff Noodles props for doing right by the public. Stay tuned.

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  1. Ben Myers’ report quotes Cahill’s explanation, “What’s more Cahill wrote, a for-profit ( .i.e. HCA management) might be all too willing to cut jobs should when margins shrink.”

    Dats crony language which when interpreted means- we cans have ours peoples wit no hospital or healthcare management education degrees, like political appointed Nancy Cassegne makin’ over $400,000/ year, to gets dere crony asses fired does we? Furda, there bees more mens and womens like Nancy whose political jobs we gots to protect. Understand Dat Ben Myers?

    And to our new independent Inspector General McClintock – To hell with your recommendation for the Council to seek the State Attorney Generals’ opinion on the closed /no sunshine door discussions. Give us your bottom line, ethics conclusions; and how about researching all the political crony jobs occupied with political appointments on the insane , (2) separate Hospital Boards and hospital administrations who should not be there; and the total monies times two Hospital Boards and duplicate administration jobs wasted per year that their fat butts collect at the public trough? Your first common sense conclusion and of any new management company should be to consolidate the two separate Hospital Boards and administrations removing all the duplicate dead wood. This is not rocket science and for getting a MILLION plus a year of Jefferson Parish tax money that’s part of your job bro, now do it before the lease is signed and not after the fact like the River Birch garbage contract . And please drop all the polite niceties and reveal the stinking political waste and corruption where and when you find it.

  2. It is typical of Louisiana kleptocracy to punt to the Addled General for an “opinion” knowing full well as a matter of law that used tissue paper has more value and as practice goes, the “opinions” are usually “ghosted” by the klepto requesting the opinion.

  3. Just last week, East Jefferson Hospital decided to lease out its Inpatient Psychiatric Unit to the same company who already runs West Jefferson Hospital’s Psychiatric Unit (Google: Seaside Behavioral West Jefferson).
    Now that company is run by some guys led by a brother of Buddy Roemer, Franklin Roemer II. They not only run the two units at East and West Jefferson, but also another unit on the Westbank, one in Gonzales, and just opened what will be a 66 bed hospital in Baton Rouge.
    Sounds great, right? Wrong.
    Google: United States of America versus Franklin Danny Roemer, where Liberty Federal was scammed out of millions and Roemer was convicted in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals for Bank Fraud.
    So to return to the point, for those of you saying that the rich and politically connected will eat up these two community hospitals, it’s already been started, and no one reported it.

    1. Now that company is run by some guys led by a brother of Buddy Roemer, Franklin Roemer II. …
      …Google: United States of America versus Franklin Danny Roemer, where Liberty Federal was scammed out of millions and Roemer was convicted in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals for Bank Fraud.

      Correction needed here?
      1. Buddy Roemer apparently had a brother named Franklin Danny Roemer. (Birthyear 1946(?))

      2. Franklin Roemer II is a co-founder of Seaside Healthcare LLC

      1. Franklin Daniel “Danny” Roemer (b. 1946) is the brother of f. Gov. Buddy Roemer (b. 1943). Franklin Roemer II is the son of Danny and Judy Roemer. The two Franklins were the co-founders of Seaside Healthcare LLC, which owns Provisions Seaside in New Orleans. Danny no longer holds an officer position with Seaside Healthcare LLC. Danny may have been an owner/operator of Seaside Healthcare LLC until around 2013. Corrections are welcome.

  4. Calling jefferson Parish Inspector General McClintock, Calling Inspector General McClintock- You having a problem sniffing out tax payer waste and political corruption involving proposed hospital leases?

    Calling Ben Myers , Calling Ben Myers of the T/P you having a problem discovering why there is a stalemate over the lease of JP Hospitals ?

    Calling Lee Zurick, Calling Lee Zurick forget about da’ St Bernard Sheriff and the St.Tammany Coroner and investigate Jefferson Parish’s ” Hospitalgate”

    How about a real investigation and story with real facts on why there is a political stalemate of the Council of Clowns fighting over whether Children’s Hospital or HCA gets the lease of East and West Jefferson Hospitals .

    More specifically, how millions of dollars of taxpayers’ monies from East and West jefferson Hospitals were politically diverted to politically connected,so-called health organizations connected to ex-Coucilman Byron Lee explaining WHY THE HOSPITALS ARE UNPROFITABLE.:

    The public and JP voters need to know why their hospitals are unprofitable so get yo’ butts to work.

    1. Long time observers of the Parish Council indicate to Slabbed that despite being jaded by years of watching council hijinks even they are taken aback by the brazenness of the Children’s Hospital cram down. This is major league money the council endeavors to piss away in order to keep certain of their favorites gainfully employed.

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