Tom lets the cat outta the bag

Folks, Tom nails it with Anatola Thompson, a story Slabbed broke. Set your video to 5:45 and learn about related party transactions. Thanks Tom. 🙂

Additional vital background here. Meantime the rumor is new US Attorney Kenneth Polite is focusing on street crime these days.

Jim Brown’s Weekly Column: The Ku Klux Klan in Louisiana!

Thursday, October17th, 2013
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Fifty year ago, the FBI opened widespread murder investigations into what was left of the Klu Klux Klan in Louisiana. The Klan had once held a significant presence statewide throughout the first half of the 20th century. But following the enactment of 1964 Civil Rights Act, the FBI was given the authority to crack down on what used to be unevenly enforced state violations, and Klan activity in the Bayou State slowed to a trickle.

Not so in my old hometown of Ferriday, as well as across the river in Natchez, Mississippi. As many as 20 local black citizens were reportedly killed by the Ku Klux Klan in the 60s, and there were ties by Klan members to one of the busiest houses of ill repute in the South, as well as the notorious Jim Leslie murder that took place a few years later in Baton Rouge.

Few arrests were made, and a number of cases ended up on the back burner as years went by. But sparked by the dogged reporting of Stanley Nelson with the Concordia Sentinel, whose series of articles on the Klan won him a nomination for the Pulitzer Prize, the FBI began taking a look at what happened just about the time I landed in Ferriday, Louisiana with a new law degree.

In 1964, worldwide attention was focused on the deaths of three civil rights workers in Philadelphia, Mississippi. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover ordered several hundred agents to fan out and investigate all over the state, as well as into Louisiana. The widespread investigation quickly focused on the Silver Dollar Group, an offshoot of the Klan based in Natchez, but terrorizing a number of black males on both sides of the river. Continue Reading………

The cost of cronyism on display in Jefferson Parish Hospital debate

Our Views: Curb politics on hospitals deal ~ New Orleans Advocate Editorial Board

And “the cost of cronyism” part:

West Jefferson Medical Center chairman explains Children’s preference ~ Ben Myers

HCA is offering Jefferson Parish more money for the lease, $538 million compared to Children’s $406 million, and HCA would pay a estimated $183 million in property taxes where Children’s would pay no taxes.

While I do the math let’s enjoy a lovely video:

And the answer is….. Continue reading “The cost of cronyism on display in Jefferson Parish Hospital debate”

Run Gene Run!!!!

Gene had a sit down discussion with the Sun Herald Editorial Board:

Former Mississippi Congressman Taylor considers a rematch against Palazzo ~ Paul Hampton

If he comes back it will be as a Republican, a scenario that must frighten the heck outta Team Palazzo. To the extent conservative Blue Dog Democrats were sacrificed at the alter of Obama Care back in 2010 by the left wing of their own political party Gene owes them nothing at this point. And to the extent the man was a true deficit hawk years before such became fashionable in mainstream GOP circles up D.C. way he should hold great appeal to the Tea Party.

Qualifying is months away so this story will be with us for a while.