Oxpatch tussle in the political class?

After participating in the beat down of cross town rival Bay High last Friday night my son high tailed it to Oxpatch to watch his favorite team take on Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M. When he got home he told me the Grove was “Republican City” with Texas Gov Rick Perry, our own Gov Phil and even Mitt Romney. I was relieved to find out I was on the other end of the state down here in Soggy Bottom when the reptiles invaded.

Of course that would not make a proper post to Slabbed as Oxpatch is famous for attracting reptiles going back to the Presidential debate in the 2008 election so no news there folks. But Slabbed has several friends in low places including the Mississippi Rumor Monger who let me know there were congressional staffers and other political types in Oxford for the game last Saturday as well and that some of them were evidently not playing nicely with each other. The common denominator in both versions of the Oxpatch watering hole tussle involve Phil Bryant’s Chief of Staff Kirk Sims. One version has Mr. Sims squared off with a gentleman named Pierce Moore, a Policy Analyst at Team Phil and former Phil Bryant Aide de Camp. The other version has Sims locking horns with Frontier Strategies’ Josh Gregory.

EIther way people noticed and the rumor mill has since gone full tilt. The bottom line here is the home team losing is never good news because happy people celebrate with libation and good cheer while home team losses keep the authorities busy.  I suspect in this day and age whatever happened last Saturday was captured on video. Perhaps against the odds it will surface.

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  1. I’m bewildered? The GOP leaders like Gov. Perry are called reptiles yet Texas is growing by leaps and bounds. Perry must be doing something right in Texas.

    Then you have the crony Democrats of Detroit, which after the last 30 years has led that city into bankruptcy.

    You have Obama working for ACORN as a community action figure which a couple of years ago was funded by the Feds with MILLIONS until it was revealed ACORN were doing illegal things

    Then Obama becomes President and it has been revealed that ACORN is the Feds’ main outsource of agents making $50/hr. signing up the poor people much like the poor people were signed up for variable loans without deposits and credit checks for mortgages on their homes. Wade Rathke is rumored to be involved locally with signing up people for Obamacare thru his new workers’ union in NOLA.

    Republicans- reptiles? If so, then the Democrats must be poisonous snakes.

    As far as the OXPATCH goes look out for the Tigers led by Gov. “Sandberm” on his bigass elephant-they’re going to ROAR


    1. Yes Lockie, Texas leads the nation in creation of low paying jobs true enough but Perry’s record is nothing to be proud of.

      Maybe you missed the link above where I showed Obama in town back in 2008. Supporting one political party only serves to enable the looting. Just sayin’.

  2. And don’t forget that the former Mayor of “DEE-Troit” was recently sentenced to 28 years in a “Club Fed”, withnhis lawyer’s pleas that he should not be treated any more harshly than “Dollar Bill” Jefferson (11 years) falling on deaf ears. Maybe soon we’ll see more Democrats from Mississloppy and Louseyanna joining their “brothers” and “sisters” (but NOT Betty Jefferson) in Club Fed. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  3. Hay Hay, Mikie, Mikie – Know what day it is? Yes its Hump Day and the Senate snakes have finally gotten over the Hump and cranked out a big compromise BS bill. Did the GOP reptiles just get a huge concession camel turd on Obamacare?

    Yes indeed, the Senate poisonous snakes agreed to check the incomes of individual applications for Obamacare. You mean before this concession the Feds were not going to check incomes of applicants just like the FHA and Fannie Mae never checked incomes and required deposits on FHA home loans to the poor and downtrodden? Gee, wonder if ACORN is going to also be assigned to check the incomes of Obamacare applicants too ?

    History indeed repeats itself, just ask the ACORN franchises across America arising from the political dust. Dale Rathke where are you Bro ? Don’t let these ACORN$ slip thru your little fingers.

  4. Josh Gregory loves to hang out in Oxford where he can brag about those big state contracts he has with agencies that his friends ride herd over like Lynn “balance my checkbook” Fitch, Jamie “not top three” Miller, or Albert “don’t question my budget” Santa Cruz. Somebody needs to do an investigation into Gregory’s contracts with all Ms. agencies and publish the facts. Oh that’s right Michael Rejebian is already working on this. I for one can’t wait to read about these boys and how they got so many contact contracts going on. These guys are more dangerous for Phil Bryant’s future than a load of nuclear waste in the back of his Nomad.

  5. Ole Miss is the single largest producer of the Divert-The-Welfare-Payments-Into-My-Pockets-and-Call-It-Capitalism good ole boy sludge in the state of Mississippi.

    Lots of wanna be “conservative” capitalists graduate from there and realize they don’t know how to make it in business so they tap their Sigma Nu network for low hanging Government contracts and think they are kings of the land.

    Hey, when you can’t be successful in private enterprise like real businessmen, just tap your old hazing brothers for some government dollar contracts. Just remember to publicly denounce those “leaches on society” in the welfare system and talk the talk of fiscal conservatism with your new found wealth in the “private sector.”

    1. Auditor, you have hit the nail on the head…..and for the uninitiated among us, let it be known that in addition to being a cheerleader for Ole Miss back during his college days, Trent Loot was also a member of Sigma Nu fraternity.

    1. Word is that Scott Walker and his entourage were in the Oxpatch last weekend for the big Whoredown and where hanging out with all of these young Repuppys in the Grove. He is known to sport a plaid jacket and funky bowtie when hanging out with other unlikables from the Hotty Toddy Be Damned Nation. Since Josh Gregory is not Ole Miss alumni maybe he is trying to buy a seat at the table with some of that MHP Emergency Contract $$$$. He probably got pissed when somebody jerked the pacifier from his mouth after he did the finger rubbing “show me the money” sign made famous by you know who. They all were at the same tent trying to get Phil Bryant’s attention I would bet.

  6. Hey Josh Gregory and Joe Cloyd. Will you please go by and pay these back taxes for the JAWAWAs, Michael Janus and Scott Walker when you are hanging out around the Square?. These Hotty Toddys are a little down on their luck After all Joe, Scott is your next door next door neighbor and Michael helped ya’ll get the Riverside Work Force Housing Retirement Community through the system over in D’Iberville.You are all are members of that special Republican Young Turks Club in your minds. Heck I even bet that Scott Walker’s plane crash gave Josh the custom parachute idea for his airplane. Can ya help a bro out with some property tax money?

  7. Will the CONsultants ,Chief of Staffs, Aide De Camps, Policy Analyst and other RepubliCONs show up in the Grove today? Is another slapdown scheduled? Did Feel Bryant sit them all down this week in his conference room and chew their ass out about the apparent infighting going on? All eyes are on deck here in Oxford including my LSU Tiger Eyes. Hotty Toddy Josh Almighty, who the hell are they? Slap,punch,kick,scratch,Will this be like last Saturday? GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!

    1. I have been too hung over to comment today about my recon mission to Oxford and watch the LSU Tigers kick some Black Bear Butt. Things did not turn out as planned and drove me to some excessive drinkin’. I think I saw Scott Walker in the Grove after the game holding hands with some guy but not sure because all of those Snotty Hotty Toddy bow tiers had his shit eatin’ grin when the game was over. I now realize they all look alike after an unexpected win. Oh well,guess I will start getting ready to see those Tigers make a Low Tide out of Bama. Pass the Alka Seltzer please.

      1. As far as young southern gentlemen , manners and respect for visiting fans the Ole Miss students and fans stand head and shoulders above the rest of the SEC especially the arrogant elephants at “low tide”. The Rebs have chandeliers and formal dinner layouts in their tailgate tents but its all for fun.

        As i remember Hotty Toddy is not really a put down to any of the fans but now they have their new “Fins Up” phrase and a Marine on their jumbo screen challenging the crowd to spike the stadium decibel meter reading. I like their approach and think the Rebels will be a force in the SEC next year with Wallace as a QB senior.

        They still sell Johnny Rebel clothes in the Square and to tell you the truth I like their team alma mater song and when they are not playing the Tigers I’m pullin’ for them. They won the national championship in 59′, 60′ and 62′ and are overdue.

        Tigers fans get ready for more games of sub par performance cause Miles has gotten fat and lazy after that Michigan plane landed a few years ago and Miles has 6 more years of buffets $$$$ to eat. He admits he screwed up with preparation for the injury plagued Rebels thank goodness but that honesty can get old quick. At Oklahoma State he won the big games but his teams annually played down against the teams he should have beaten. I don’t mind him eatin’ grass and clapping like a spastic but he needs to do his homework more often.

        1. Maybe we should call Miles the “Mad Fatter ” now. He gets on my nerves when he says after a loss something that he should have been saying prior to the game to the coaches and team. He loves to gamble with low percentage plays for the wow factor if they work. Problem is they seldom do. That game was decided in Ole Miss’s favor because of poor coaching on the LSU side and the Rebels were a hungry team. I finally sobered up and made myself listen to some sports talk this morning from Shreveport and they ripped his style as they should have. Now LSU is looking like an 8-4 team this year.

          1. Time for Change: Love your parody- the “Mad Fatter”- at 5 MILLION plus per year he should be burning the ” candle at both end-zones”.Instead the fans are getting a red ass deal. Hopefully we will not get the” Crimson Crevice” in 3 weeks.

  8. How did the Mayor and City Clerk in Bay St Louis arrive at the point they are today? A mere 8 weeks ago
    the City Clerk was in a tirade at a citizen who had looked at the books and published his conclusion that the
    city was in dire financial straits. Can someone who does not pay their bills ( Solid Waste is still waiting)
    actually get a half million dollar line of credit?
    And Ward II Councilman Mc Donald thinks it is a good idea. Businesses need a line of credit. Apparently her does, Habitat for Humanity, because she is on record with the Utility Dept. in Waveland for $473.59 in
    delinquent utilities.
    From the Federal Gov. on down, there is one thing the taxpayers have an abundance of:
    incompetent public officials.

  9. Guess Bryant’s boys are behaving’ after Dr.Feel sedated their very swollen egos. My Ole Ms. ears have reported all has been quite in Black Bear country I garrrruntee if ya threatin’ to take away some dem mergency contracts from da Frontier boys they get real quiet and hole up in Jackson.

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