Oxpatch tussle in the political class?

After participating in the beat down of cross town rival Bay High last Friday night my son high tailed it to Oxpatch to watch his favorite team take on Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M. When he got home he told me the Grove was “Republican City” with Texas Gov Rick Perry, our own Gov Phil and even Mitt Romney. I was relieved to find out I was on the other end of the state down here in Soggy Bottom when the reptiles invaded.

Of course that would not make a proper post to Slabbed as Oxpatch is famous for attracting reptiles going back to the Presidential debate in the 2008 election so no news there folks. But Slabbed has several friends in low places including the Mississippi Rumor Monger who let me know there were congressional staffers and other political types in Oxford for the game last Saturday as well and that some of them were evidently not playing nicely with each other. Continue reading “Oxpatch tussle in the political class?”