2 thoughts on “Moving right along: Early discovery continues in the Bay Tech suit”

  1. Doug,
    Weren’t Geoff Belcher and the Sea Coast Echo issued a subpoena in this case for all news articles and any and all other materials from the newspaper related to this suit. Seems like I remember this appearing online from Slabbed. So, now we have subpoenas for the Echo from Washburn, I think; then LNG subpoenaing the Real Estate Commission for anything on the Bay-Tech sale, and now Galloway and Owen subpoenaing the Real Estate Commission for anything 10 years back on Mary Bunch. Do I have it right? This thing is shaping up. Subpoenas for Bay-Waveland School District records may be in order too.

    1. Yes, like all these subpoenas I have posted they were issued a Subpoena Duces Tecum. A motion to quash was not filed so it appears they complied.

      If you think about the universe of evidence that will be used to adjudicate this case, everyone should already have a complete copy of the closing documents. The process drug out over a 7 month or so time frame while Due Diligence was being done so there may be more evidence produced at some point. The Subpoenas are a type of discovery but this case is not really even to that phase yet.

      Discovery is limited to the narrow set of legal issues before a court so it is unclear if the School District will be subpoenaed since the case involves a contract between Magnolia Group and third parties and discovery must be relevant to the legal issues. The nuances of discovery go way beyond the limited legal knowledge I have on these matters.

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