ICYMI: NFIP, Mississippi Gaming and the Byrd is the Word

The AP’s Jeff Amy tackled the subject of Mississippi’s declining gaming industry Saturday in a must read story. In a prior life Jeff was a business reporter and that prior experience shows in the piece he wrote. The worst of the problems are at the north Mississippi Delta casinos but also extend to the Coast to a lesser degree.

Next up is the impacts of rising flood insurance premiums on the real estate market in Florida, the Northeast and Louisiana:

Cost of Flood Insurance Rises, Along With Worries ~ Lizette Alverez and Campbell Robertson

It would be nice to see one of the mainstream media outlets covered the inherent conflicts of interest built into the flood program and the fact that the middlemen WYO insurers take a 30% slice off the top for writing the policies. Yeah, those facts add a degree of complexity to the topic but they are vital to understanding what is truly going on with the program as this is not entirely about the program underpricing risk. Unfortunately the story above, like most of them gloss over those facts, in the case of the New York Times likely in deference to their insurance advertisers.

Finally we have Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd back in the news cycle:

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd due back in court today for continuation of bond revocation hearing ~ April Havens

Joe Sam Owen is one of the best criminal defense lawyers on the coast. It will be interesting to see how the opening round of the Jackson County political fist fight in Byrd prosecution turns out.

3 thoughts on “ICYMI: NFIP, Mississippi Gaming and the Byrd is the Word”

  1. Unreality, Doug:

    Byrd’s defense attorney, Joe Sam Owen, has said Byrd did talk to three department employees, but he was “only assisting his counsel in attempting to assimilate accurate facts as to several of the counts in the indictment.”

    And the black robed idiot bought that? Was he wearing a duncecap instead of the horsehair wig? Or did he have campaign finance checks from the Alfred E. and Byrd Neuman Campaign Fund hanging out of his robes?

    Oh, yes, remarkable, isn’t it, that corporatism is so profitable? Thirty percent markup, courtesy of that good old “progressive” philosophy. And to recall Mussolini was indeed a favorite of our progressive politicians in the interwar period!

  2. Sheriff Byrd’s contact with certain employees creates ‘difficult balancing act,’ attorney says (video)

    By April M. Havens | [email protected]
    on October 14, 2013 at 4:26 PM

    PASCAGOULA, Mississippi — Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd faces “a difficult balancing act” in trying to work with department employees who are tied to his criminal case, defense attorney Joe Sam Owen said today after special Judge William F. Coleman ruled the sheriff did not violate the terms of his bond.

    Judge Coleman said today that the case is complicated by the fact that the sheriff declined to resign from his post.

    “That causes problems,” the judge said, noting he “would advise the sheriff … walk a tight line.”
    Not all Byrds wear the same uniform. Following video linked for illustrative purposes only.
    Byrd Walking The Line

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