Sunday Links: The dangerous people of the internet strike again!

I start this morning with a three pack from the Sea Coast Echo:

Fillingame wants loan to cover Bay’s bills ~ Cassandra Favre

“I’m still not certain that we are okay on collecting people’s waste water and garbage fees and using them for something else,” Ward Five Councilman Joey Boudin said. “We go out and borrow money after we collect their money.”

Now for the “dangerous people of the internet” link:

Bay Council eyes delinquent accounts ~ Cassandra Favre

Lana Noonan of the Hancock County Alliance for Good Government should take a well deserved victory lap:

A majority of the bills are more than four months behind.

“One prompt for me to look into this,” Noonan said, “was that the council just voted for a utility increase.

“If they’re not paying now, how are they going to pay when the rates increase?”

Noonan said the delinquent amounts add up to $265,955 and the utility list was posted online on Sept. 26.

Slabbed was not credited in the story and I’m fine with that. To the extent a couple of the City council members got phone calls after Slabbed published the City’s Utility Aging well tells the tale here.  The days of the Sea Coast Echo being the gatekeeper of public information for all things Hancock County are over and that happened years ago with the ascent of this critter called the internet.  People are hungry for good information. To the extent what I do here at Slabbed New Media forces the other “dangerous people of the internet” to bring their A games to local journalism is a good thing for the public IMHO.  It shows in Cassandra Favre’s story.

There should be a lesson here for Mayor Fillingame and the Bay City Council and I absolutely think at least one member of the City Council gets it in spades.  I was not at the last City Council meeting but from what I was told it is also clear there are a few that are woefully misinformed when it comes to this internet thingy and that despite the fact at least one of the councilmen has his own internet website affiliation.

How about some lovely music:

Next up is newly minted United States District Court Judge Shelly Dick:

Federal judge says no ethical problem in hiring felon ~ Bill Lodge

Talk about an understated headline.  I agree for the record there is no ethical problems in hiring felons but the headline is somewhat misleading:

Hodges has not yet been sentenced for his guilty plea in a New Orleans federal court to a charge of conspiracy to commit bribery. He could be sentenced to as many as five years in prison and fined $250,000.

Dick’s husband wrote a letter on Hodges’ behalf to U.S. District Judge Eldon E. Fallon in New Orleans.

“My husband wrote a character letter,” Dick said, adding that the letter did not include her name or any reference to the fact that she is a judge.

As small a world as the Louisiana legal community is I harbor great dubiety Judge Fallon is unacquainted with Judge Dick’s husband. Lodge did a great job with a complex topic for the Advocate.

Now for a three pack from Jefferson Parish:

Idea of splitting up Jefferson hospitals’ management complicates final choice ~ Jeff Adelson

HCA is the best choice to run Jefferson hospitals: Editorial ~ Nola Media Group Editorial Board

At former Kenner sewage plant, an avant garde sculpture sits unseen for three decades ~ Adriane Quinlan

Brother Carl surfaces! Nothing like free storage of valuable privately owned artwork courtesy of the Kenner taxpayers. From reader comments to Quinlan’s story:

Something here sounds fishy…I can’t quite put my finger on it… Man buys huge $200,000 fountain. He ships it to Monaco and then ships it home….but then forgets he owns it for 20+/- years. The felon Broussard (federal inmate number 2234-034) arranges a deal for placement of the fountain…but then forgets about it. The city of Kenner has had the item in storage for 20 to 30 years but does not know anything about it. Including how and when it got there.

There is a backstory to this story that is worth knowing IMHO.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Links: The dangerous people of the internet strike again!”

  1. Rachell “Shelly” Dick is an ethically bankrupt and morally corrupt individual who should never have been confirmed by the Senate as a Federal judge. The confirmation process for Federal Judgeships is “WORSE” now than it was when the Senate confirmed Robert Collins (first judge from the Eastern District of Louisiana to be impeached, for public bribery) and G.Thomas “Ortous” (we all know THAT story – “Ortous” lacked the character to be a Federal judge, something which was known, but ignored, during his FBI pre-confirmation investigation). The same “process” recently confirmed Stephen Higginson to the Fifth “Circus”, rather than putting him in prison for being part of the conspiracy to abduct me from my home, to brutalize and torture me, and falsely imprison me at Camp Amtrak on 9/20/05. And you know what? Dick ain’t “all that bright”. What is the “value” of her husband’s letter to Fallon on Hodge’s behalf, when she acknowledges “He (Hodges) made a mistake”. Was the mistake participating in a conspiracy to commit public bribery or in entering a GUILTY AS CHARGED PLEA to that crime? Maybe the husband’s letter to Fallon can be used as toilet paper in the Dick’s new bathroom which the self-admitted felon Hodges built for them. I opposed Dick’s confirmation as a Federal judge by written OBJECTION to Senators Grassley and Vitter dated July 12, 2012. My objection received little or no attention, not because it wasn’t “spot-on”, but because the entire process is FLAWED – WORSE than when Collins and Porteous were confirmed. Dick represented her sister-in-law, former Louisiana Chief Justice Catherine Dick Kimball, in my personal litigation arising out of my abduction, brutalization, torture and false imprisonment in September 2005, namely Civil Action Number 06-7280 on the Eastern District docket, and Case Number 08-30052 in the Fifth “Circus”. All of my litigation was summarily dismissed “on the papers”, and I was thrown out of Court and in the gutter. As the attorney representing Kimball, Dick committed “fraud upon the Court”, misrepresentation, and obstruction of justice by participating in the conspiracy to “cover-up” the crimes committed against me by Kimball and others. Dick’s crimes are documented, in part, in a video production which is available at Dick’s crimes were delineated in my objection to her confirmation as follows: (1) Failing to disclose that former Attorney General Charles Foti was an attendee at a meeting held in Foti’s office on Sunday, September 11. 2005, when Dick’s sister-in-law and client, Kimball, stated: “Somebody’s got to shut that guy (Ashton O’Dwyer) up; he’s giving us all a bad name.” I only learned of Foti’s attendance at that meeting in March 2008, but that knowledge “lifted the veil” for me, because Foti was the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the State, and he took Kimball’s (the de facto Chief Judicial Officer’s) statement as a COMMAND, with dire consequences for me. Dick’s knowledge of Foti’s attendance at the meeting, and her failure to reveal it prior to my learning of it in March 2008, constituted fraud upon the Court, misrepresentation and obstruction of justice. (2) Dick’s REMAINING SILENT when Foti was summarily dismissed from the litigation by Judge Berrigan on or about April 11, 2007. Dick knew full well that Foti had attended the September 11, 2005 meeting in Foti’s office, and she knew what Kimball said about me in Foti’s presence, but failed to disclose her knowledge to me or to Judge Berrigan. (3) Dick also filed Motions to Dismiss Kimball from the litigation, when she KNEW that the motions had NO MERIT if the TRUE FACTS were disclosed. Dick also saw to it that the true facts were BURIED, and that the Court was DUPED with LIES. See Record Document Nos. 18 and 146 in Civil Action 06-7280. (4) Dick also made disingenuous arguments that “there is no link” and “where is the connexity” and “there is a huge disconnect in the nexus”, when she knew that the LINK or CONNECTION was Attorney General Foti himself, who took Kimball’s words: “Somebody’s got to shut that guy up; he’s giving us all a bad name”, as a COMMAND. See Record Document Nos. 159, pp. 36 and 38, and 332, pp. 7-8. (5) Dick also falsely argued that her sister-in-law, Kimball, enjoyed “qualified immunity” for her illegal and unconstitutional actions against me, when Kimball’s actions were entirely ULTRA VIRES and, therefore, not immunized in the least. My objection to the Senate Judiciary Committee and demand that Dick be investigated, along with her sister-in-law, for CRIMINAL CONDUCT, fell on deaf ears. But I have a very good memory, and I WILL NEVER FORGET. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. fishy indeed. strange that a guy who tried to cash out of a $10k investment at cost in costa rica would not have tried to sell a $200k investment worth 3x the investment. i am sure there are plenty of young and energetic art collectors that would enjoy the sculpture.

    1. I have additional background on the letter Brother Carl wrote Brother Aaron trying to cash out of Cerro Coyote. If you put Brother Carl’s letter on a timeline and compare to the election cycle and the sale of Cerro Coyote one could reasonably surmise that Brother Carl caught wind the property in Costa Rica was for sale and he used the election to force Broussard’s hand.

      Looking at it in the context of those dates back in 2007 demystifies Brother Carl’s actions IMHO.

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