25 thoughts on “Open Season on Frontier Strategies and Joe Cloyd?”

  1. Who is Michael Rejebian and what is he looking for? Somebody needs to request all work product completed by Frontier Gulf Coast from the DMR. I can already tell you in my opinion there will not be anything produced because the only thing they did was fill out the deposit slip to get the check in the bank.

    1. If you request it from the DMR there is a good chance it’s going to be “inflated” and without inside knowledge of what actually went on, you wouldn’t know any different.

      I will get with the operators.

      1. Yes,I agree.They would probably bring in Frontier Gulf Coast to get the info together they want everyone to see. I am surprised someone has not filed a formal request to get this. I wonder what Mr. Rejebian is after at MDA? Could he be looking into the CDBG funds used by Joe Cloyd and others for projects disguised as Long Term Workforce Housing that ended up as something else? Does Josh Gregory have any involvement with the Riverside Development in D’Iberville that Michael Janus helped with? Did Scott Walker have any involvement? If we keep digging and asking enough these questions will be answered. Maybe Mr.Rejebian needs all of us to email these questions to him so he can help us solve this cronyism puzzle.

  2. I am confused and perplexed. I went to the Transparency site to view some of the contracts awarded and a strange thing happened. I searched on Frontier Gulf Coast and “no records” were found. I searched on Frontier Strategies and several old contracts came up, but nothing recent. Now just what the heck is going on here??? Could DFA now be aiding and abetting these conprofits by not posting Public Info on the Transparency site???? Isn’t all of the contracts supposed to be listed there for the Public to view??? I know that there was one for $150K because I remember that there was a protest by some people on the Beach in Ocean Springs. Maybe I overlooked it some way?? Would someone mind checking this out for me???

  3. This is probably the same reason you cannot go to the Ms.MDA site under the Katrina recovery housing sector and find any information on the Long Term Workforce Housing project called Riverside in D’Iberville that is now an”age restricted Senior waterfront apartment community for independent living adults 55 years an older”. If this is Workforce Housing I will kiss your ass in Time Square. Why are all of the other developments on the Coast that were funded thru this program listed but not a word on this retirement community for the Walmart greeters? Who is running interference for the boys at Gulf Coast Frontier? Perfect pursuit for Mr. Rejebian and the rest of the taxpayers in our state. Open season indeed.

  4. Well, I couldn’t find Frontier Gulf coast, but guess what I did find?? Is everyone sitting down??? There is a new contract to Horne LLP (the ones who gave Frontier the $50K). The new contract begins Oct 2013 and ends June 2014 and is for 100K!!!! It is unbelievable! And the amount of money that is being paid out to “Consultants” by the DMR is ridiculous! Why can’t the people who work there do the work???? That is what they are being paid for! Why are we paying all of these CONsultants with Taxpayer funds???? Just go visit the Transparency Mississippi site and choose Marine Resources. Then look at the contracts under SPAHRS. It’s mind boggling what is listed there (guess they thought the Public wouldn’t know to look under SPAHRS because most would look under other contracts. Nothing has stopped, it’s business as usual under Mr. Miller.

    1. If I am not mistaken, wasn’t the public generally dissatisfied with the amount of work produced by Horne in round 1. If I remember correctly I think the CMR had a comment about it.

      I wonder what this contract is for and if there is any other who will be subcontracted under them.

  5. What about the other accounting firm that was supposed to go to work after Horne got finished with their contract? The fact that Miller does not bring all of the work they have been paid for is telling. He should want to deflect any heat by showing the public what has been produced by his friends. He either does not give a damn or is not smart enough to realize he has created reasons for the taxpaying public to suspect him of malfeasance.

    1. Meant to say “The fact Miller does not bring forth all of the work the consultants have been paid for is telling.” Why would he keep it from the public is puzzling.

  6. I would not be a bit surprised if we started seeing more PR work being contracted out for big money. Tight rumors say the PR department is now down to just two personnel. And most people know about those two “go-getters.”Unless some quick action was made within the last few weeks I see that department falling completely apart and now virtually useless. Its been destroyed in less than a year. Bravo-Zulu to the top management decisions that were made. I really feel my tax dollars are being well spent.

  7. With Barbour, Bryant, Pickering, Wicker’s son in-law @ MDA running the show, and Miller being put into Walker’s spot, did you honestly think things would be any different at DMR? There has been more more high dollar positions filled with no regards to experience and education but that happened on Walker’s watch; just not at the over $100 thousand dollar marks. And if you think the yoyos that are on the CMR are looking out for you, think again.

    1. I agree about your comment regarding the CMR. They seem to be buried in their crawfish holes protecting their own self interests and not wanting to rock the boat. And if they did attempt to do anything they would probably end up battling with the governor.

  8. Since the Sunherald stopped doing any investigative reporting pertaining to the DMR the public needs to attend the next CMR meeting and ask about all of this BS that is going on at this agency. We all know Miller is passing out contracts that involve his buddies at Frontier Gulf Coast. And the people who are paying for it do not get to see what,if any, work is being done for the money.

  9. According to today’s Sun Herald, CMR’s October Meeting will be at the NERR, National Estuarine Research Reserve, which is located east of Moss Point near the Alabama state line.

    But don’t expect any favors for the public from this rogue organization. They do what they are told.

  10. We must not let this Frontier Gulf Coast issue die. This is the most obvious example of cronyism since Bill Walker arranged for the DMR to buy Harbor Landing from his long time friend and associate David Harris. While neither has been proven to be illegal the future looks bright for this to happen. If enough of the right people keep questioning these deals then all of the questionable acts by these people will be under scrutiny. The misuse of CIAP money, CDBG money, BP money, MDA money and other taxpayer funded sources will be more and more of an issue as we approach the next state election cycle. Phil Bryant needs to start worrying because these are all his guys and they can take a second term away from him. He is very vulnerable in my opinion if he allows this to continue.

  11. Frontier signed a contract in August with MHP for $1,050,000.00 – It was approved as an “Emergency Media Contract”. It’s supposed to cover the Labor Day weekend and Christmas holiday and Superbowl Sunday. Leave it to Phil and his buddies!

    1. And people wonder why taxes only go up and we’re up to our eyeballs in debt. This is beyond rotten.

        1. I am glad to see more public eyes on the contracting business in our state government. Another one that bothers me is the contract for CIAP that occurred a short time ago. I know I mentioned a few days ago that people should not be surprised if the DMR had to contract out PR work in the near future to keep that department afloat. They should also not be surprised if they have to contract out Heritage Area work too. Inside rumors say there is a lot of hick-town politics going on with that. We shall see.

  12. This clearly meets the definition of government fraud, waste and abuse.

    Whenever you hear the words government and contract in the same phrase it usually equates to a little bit of work for an astronomical amount of money.

  13. The nerve of the Public Safety Director Santacuz to ask for an outrageous budget increase and then approving this kind of give-a-way to the chumps at Frontier. The local news in each area would have been glad to get the word out that law was going to be extra aggressive on the holidays for free. Another commenter mentioned that the Ms. HP also rented office space from Frontier. How can we determine if this is correct. Philip Smith could you please post this information on the Frontier contract ? This needs to be sent to every blog and political reporter across the damn state.

  14. I can hear Santa Cruz now singing “This is an emergency”. I always loved that song. But I despise these crony BS contracts. Mona, you are correct to hope the FEDs are tuned in The current politics in are state must be changed.

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