Highway Robbery at the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office

Gusman agrees to pay lawyers who sued him $900,000 ~ Claire Galofaro

The $900,000 is not the highway robbery part. This is:

Gusman pays his own lawyers, the firm of Usry, Weeks and Matthews, a flat rate of $68,000 every two weeks. If that arrangement continues, in the five years it will take him to pay the Southern Poverty Law Center its $900,000, he will have paid his own lawyers about $8.8 million.

File this one under nice to be a good ol’ boy.

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  1. This entire situation reminds me of what we used to say in the U.S. Army (I was a Reserve Officer between 1971 and 1976), which is the MOST INCOMPETENT INSTITUTION on the face of the earth (We’ve “lost” to KILLING 29 soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan since the Government shutdown – FOR WHAT?). The sayings were: (1) TARFU: “Things are really fucked up”: (2) SNAFU: “Situation normal, all fucked up”; and (3) FUBAR: “Fucked up beyond all recognition”. I litigated against Gusman and Usry, Weeks and Matthews in the KATRINA cases, in which I also represented a large number of inmates and former inmates of the Orleans Parish Prison Facilities, ie. Orleans Parish Prison, Templeman I, II and III, and the House of Detention. The plight of the prisoners before, during and after KATRINA is reflected in an ACLU Report entitled: “Abandoned and Abused”. The case was thrown out “on the papers”, without any oral argument in the District Court or in the Fifth “Circus”. SHAME, SHAME. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. How in the world do these firms support these billing practices?

    Its truly upsetting when you read the disciplinary rulings on most Fridays to see the struggling solo practicioner who ususally gets sanctioned when the “big boys” are the ones raping the system. Not to in any way justify or condone the misappropriation of client funds, but typically small, sometimes struggling lawyers are severely sanctioned over a few thousand dollars.

    $68,000.00 every 2 weeks? Geez….

    1. LOL, nrb, get info from statewide, add in the azzklowns who pucker up to the AG and represent the state on cases, the hacks at the Patient Comp Fund, and the consiglieres for the local kleptocrat gangs, like old Dirksen would say, adds up to serious money.

      It is nice to have a guaranteed check, based up by the extortion power of the government, isn’t it?

      1. Its truly absurd. Quality of lawyering, making a name for oneself and building a practice based on one’s reputation is a crock in this day and age.

        I’d venture to guess that 3/4 of the people in Louisiana who need attorneys in Louisiana cannot afford to pay for one. Yet, the OPCSO is paying approximately 1.5 million per year for representation.

        Don’t let anybody fool you; its extremely difficult to make money practicing law these days without some “advantage”.

  3. The extent to which some attorneys are unaffected by criminal laws are amazing. As far a Oral arguments I was under an impression if one party demanded one that it was a must regarding court rule. Seem to recall a thought of going on record was a certain but what could be had in law regarding the SELECT CLUB the clowns of the fifth? Of the three copies of evidence with filings only two were returned. With nothing to hope for we got to watch what a huge conspiracy could cause. We had been refused the copies from the court of Appeal who stated they were to be returned or destroyed. After three attempts to retrieve them [ you should have seen the action like NSA secrets were about to leave the building ] we were leaving when a court employee said he found them and if we returned inside he would give them to us. Things like this just added to the observation of the corruption by money altered human behaviors. Given these back meant they had been cleared so no positive action could be had by us was the understanding. The internal workings of the court.

  4. One of these days, “someone” in “The Fourth Estate” will post my pleadings in my on-going disciplinary case filed by Plattsmier (that degenerate criminal piece of SHIT!). I just hope this happens BEFORE the puiblication of my book. And I have a “message” for you Plattsmier: Look up “the doctrine of continuing offenses” which I aim to use to put YOU and your WHORE Kimball in JAIL, you degenerate criminal piece of SHIT! Ashton O’Dwyer, who NEVER says anything that he doesn’t DO.

  5. Believe it or not, but there is “an O’Dwyer connection” here, too. The French Quarter Festival reportedly is benefitting “big time” from the monies generated from the use of this “public property”. The Director of that Festival is “Marcie Schramm”, who along with her now-husband (they finally got around to “legitimizing” the relationship, after years of “living in sin”), Scott Campbell, a salesman with Pelican Publishers, IS A SQUATTER AND TRESPASSER on the O’Dwyer Family Mississippi batture property, and a named defendant in my litigation. I hope that Quatreveaux, and people like “Ricardo”, dig up more “dirt” on SCUM-BAGS like these two, Schramm and Campbell. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  6. Typical Tipsy commode material -do not bother explaining how one can purchase land so located!

  7. To JULIAN and Empire: Thanks for the insight. My file is now in the hands of a “third party”, so I can’t look at my documents. But as I recall, Campbell and Schramm “purchased” Camp No. (I forget whether it’s 9 or 10) from an otherwise “vacant” Succession, and an “heir” named “Gaudet”. Trouble is: Neither Gaudet nor his dead ancestor EVER held title to the property, a fact that would have been revealed to whoever performed a “Title Search” in the Parish Conveyance Office, or researched who has been paying the ad valorem taxes on the property since July 1945! If Campbell and Schramm borrowed money to finance their “Taj Mahal” on my Family’s property, and the Lending Institution performed a Title Search”, then I will have another “deep pocket” to join as a party defendant, as an “enabler” of squatters and trespassers. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Yessir, Ashton, just hope you get “in” on the E&O policy before the policy year ends. Recall the fact that our jesters have committed magnificent oblations on the insurance industry rear to justify giving the victim, who insurance is to cover, less than an year to bring suit on an E&O policy.

      1. Empire: I really don’t need an E & O policy. All I need is a title examination which told the Bank or Financial Institution that “Gaudet” was not the owner of the property, and that The O’Dwyer Family was the owner. If the Bank or Financial Institution then loaned the money to Campbell and Schramm to “purchase” the property, and a mortgage was granted (a “Title Insurance Policy” should have been required for this, unless some Bank or Financial Institution Office waived the requirement, which has its own set of liability issues), then the Bank or Financial Institution breached legal duties owed to my Family as “an innocent third party”, and the Bank or Financial Institution was a co-conspirator with Campbell and Schramm to commit criminal trespass, not to mention the Corpse of Engineers, the State of Louisiana, the Parish Department of Inspections and Code Enforcement, the Parish Sheriff’s Office, the Assessor, the (“then”) East Jefferson Levee District, Entergy (successor to L.P. & L.), and a “host” of others. My litigation bears Civil Action No. 06-10811 on the Eastern District docket, having been removed to Federal Court by the United States (Letten – that SOB). Ashton O’Dwyer.

        1. Perhaps you don’t need it, but in my practice, I much rather have the ability to collect from someone with the ability to pay!

  8. “The law firm billed the sheriff a flat fee, $65,000, every two weeks. The invoices they submitted were vague, containing no detailed explanation of any charges.”


    Legal invoices with no detailed description of services rendered are a huge red flag, as any auditor will tell you.

    The in-the-bone corruption of the New Orleans Bar Association is perhaps the biggest single cancer New Orleans suffers from.

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