General Hospital: The self serving bullshit in Jefferson Parish is getting deep.

West Jefferson Medical Center Chairman Chip Cahill evidently does not believe in classic American capitalism if we are to take the man at his word:

Jefferson Parish hospital boards philosophically opposed in lease deal ~ Ben Myers

Crony capitalism is another story lest we forget disgraced former Jefferson Parish Attorney turned self admitted felon Tom Wilkinson’s sister Nancy Cassagne got the top management job at West Jeff despite not possessing the qualifications for the low-mid 6 figure position. It should come as no surprise that Cahill would cite Children’s Hospital susceptibility to political persuasion as the reason he favors Children’s over HCA despite the fact HCA is offering the taxpayers a better deal financially.

The deal Elton LaGasse cut to support Children’s over HCA is what needs examination here folks. ¬†Follow the money to the insiders enriching themselves at the expense of the public and the answer becomes clear. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “General Hospital: The self serving bullshit in Jefferson Parish is getting deep.”

  1. This hospital lease stalemate is a oxymoron microcosm of the current Demo-Republican battle in D.C. except the lease involves just hundreds of millions whereas in D.C. they deal in hundreds of billions and trillions .

    The oxymoron is the politicos’ prior statement that if financial things were discussed in open public and the public voted it would be a financial disadvantage for the hospitals. So what do the JP politicos do ?. They stage a messy, pig food fight in public and Roberts, King of Campaign Payola, wants to know if the lease adviser, who is receiving 1.3 million to recommend the best offer, is conflicted with HCA and now says he doesn’t want said recommendation.

    Ok, Roberts you pay the 1.3 million fee for vetoing the recommendation by liquidating your ice cream stand and car dealership, let the public vote and we’ll end this pig stall stalemate .

  2. Let’s face the facts folks. Whoever gets the deal, the politicos will have their hands in the pot sooner than you can “Tulane Legislative Scholarships.” Roberts, Cahill, Legasse, they are all the same. They will all get re-elected and/or named to the money boards.

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