Jefferson Parish Council charts tense, uncertain path in hospital lease deal ~ Ben Myers


DMR gets new executives as investigation continues ~ AP via the Mississippi Business Journal

Joe Spraggins was the early inside choice to run against Brent Warr for Gulfport Mayor before Warr landed in trouble with the US Attorney’s Office. He surfaced after Katrina in the Harrison County EOC and did a good job running things early on after the storm hit. Somewhere in the last 8 years Spraggins associated with a home builder in Diamondhead that is no longer with us. Today he is Jamie Miller’s right hand man tasked with whipping the remaining DMR employees back into shape.

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  1. This is the biggest load of crap I’ve seen in a while. Miller is asking for money for budget shortfalls but keeps hiring these big dollar positions that aren’t needed. If he was competent enough to do his job, he wouldn’t need a science officer, financial officer, and operations officer. The joke just keeps getting worse with this office… Miller needs to go

  2. http://www.sunherald.com/2013/10/02/5001565/dmr-hires-joe-spraggins-bill-feidt.html In this Sunherald article you will read “General Joe Spraggins 60, will serve as COO. Spraggins is filling an open position but not any specific one. The equivalent to a bureau director.” He is filling which open position ? Which one? What will he do? Yet to be determined? This is more BS coming out of this group of Republican cronies. Not much different than how Bill Walker ran this house of scams. He was directing jobs, contracts and money to close friends, relatives and associates.

    1. According to inside operators over the last 6 months, there has been a lot of talk going around on who is going to do what job and how many were going to be hired. It seems that the number of people and the confusion of what they will actually do has also grown over the last few months regarding these higher level jobs. I will admit, I am puzzled myself and have heard the secret road has been paved for the chief of marine patrol position. Take due notice how that has not been filled yet.

      The Miller Show has been nothing short of a wild 80’s hair band concert where the audience has no idea what could happen next. We have already seen reckless and wrongful firings, the Frontier scam, shifty hiring practices, and recent rumors of one walking off the job. I feel for the DMR employees who have no choice but to put up with with this. Especially if they are not a part of the overwhelmingly obvious “in-crowd” that is prominent.

    2. At least Walker was smart enough to try to hide his wrongdoings. This new joke of a director is flaunting everything he does to the media with no shame whatsoever

  3. Just replacing Billy Hewe’s brother-in-law’s position (Chief of Staff) who used to be filled by Joe Zeigler, and replacing that job with Billy Hewe’s relative (Mr. Spraggins) as the Chief Operating Officer. Only Joe Zeigler made $90K plus amenities without any kind of degree. When are they going to investigate the puppet masters, like Mr. Hewes? It doesn’t take a Philadelphia lawyer to follow the trail. Is it true that the other gentleman filling the Chief Financial Officer position is a neighbor of Mr. Miller? That is the word on the street.
    Nothing else has changed. They are just replacing the players who have the heat on them with new players so they can keep playing the game.
    Now there is a man in place in the Marine Enforcement section that is second in command and has been doing the Chief job for quite a while. He has been acting as interim Chief. He has earned that position and is the only logical candidate for the position. We will see how that goes. Not that anyone running that Agency is concerned about the old employees that have worked there and earned their keep. They are being treated like garbage and the big money is going to the RoboRepubs according to employees there.

    1. Trust me, if there wasn’t anything fishy going on then the interim chief would have already been in the position. This is another strategic move by Miller.

      The only way the interim chief would get that job is if the heat started coming down and miller changes gears.

      He should have already had it but he probably does not fit the right mold of the month.

  4. I do not know Mr. Bill Feidt. Just having on his resume that he was the Director of Finance and Planning at WorldCom would make me ask when? Did he work for Bernie Ebbers ? We all remember what happened at WorldCom. Does an MBA qualify one for a job that appears to be more of the accounting position than a chemical engineering position. Just asking. They way things have been at the DMR everything is suspect.

    1. I am normally one to discredit most DMR doings lately but this one may be on target. I cannot vouch if there are any connections or not but his education background is of very high caliber. Having a chemical engineering degree along with an MBA from an Ivy League college should show that he is a pretty sharp cookie.

      Here is what I wonder. Is this just a stepping stone for him or is there something else in play here. Call me stupid but with an education like that and being middle aged one would think that his current value is worth more than Miller himself.

      1. I agree with the pedigree Eye. Bernie Ebbers was also a very smart man that had a mega scam going on in the finances and planning at WorldCom. Remember, they were the largest, most profitable long distance carrier in the USA at on point according to the cooked books and PR BS they were spewing out to all. I once owned several thousand shares because I believed them. This cost me a chunk of money from my retirement account. I wanted to own WorldCom because they were a Mississippi company that appeared, by all given measurements, successful. Ebbers is still in prison for his part in this very large scam that cost stockholders hundreds of millions. No reflection on Mr. Feidt meant even though he was Director of Finance and Planning at some point. Question is when did he hold this position which I assume paid a lot more than his DMR position will pay?

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