Jim Brown’s Weekly Column: Is Anyone Paying Attention in Washington?

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


I picked up my daily newspaper on the first day of October, and three stories dominated the news. “The Government Shuts Down,” blared one headline. We have been hearing about this possibility for months as Republicans and Democrats, alike, have dug in their heels, with little effort to avert the closure of numerous government facilities.

Obamacare kicked off on the first day of the month facing a continuing barrage of criticism and unanswered questions. Again, this is a story that has been examined in massive detail since the day the healthcare law passed over two and a half year ago.

Then there was Biggert-Waters. Huh? Never head of it, you say? Well, it was federal legislation, passed without a discouraging word of protest, with the support of virtually every member of the Louisiana and Gulf Coast and East Coast legislative delegations. What will this new legislation do? Stick property owner in flood prone areas with rate increases that some news reports peg as high as 3000 percent.

“But we didn’t know,” protest many members of congress. Here’s what one of the main authors of the legislation had to say after these new unaffordable rate increases were authorized: “As one of the primary authors of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act and a longtime advocate for the people of southern Louisiana, I can state that it was never the intent of Congress to impose the types of punitive and unaffordable flood insurance premiums that residents of southern Louisiana are currently facing,” Maxine Waters said. This is the lady who wrote the law, yet she candidly admits she had no idea of the detrimental effect she produced. Continue Reading…………………

6 thoughts on “Jim Brown’s Weekly Column: Is Anyone Paying Attention in Washington?”

  1. Here’s an idea for saving some federal $:
    Shut down Congress. Close all the Senate and House offices. Send all the Senators & Congresspersons home. Make them live and work in their home state. Let them conference and vote electronically. Lobbyists would be forced to go to them , spending money in local hotels, restaurants, car rentals etc. The elected officials will see their constituents at the grocery, gas pumps, church etc. Then lease out the Congressional offices to a hotel chain and MAKE money !! I’m just sayin’ .

        1. Pat, at least you get something pleasant in return.

          The other entity is well-known to employ beatings, torture, drone strikes, prison and whatnot.

          And at the end of the day you are given a bill.

  2. Maxine Waters is assuredly the type of congressklepto who knew full well why she favored the bill, because it represented another way to continue the class warfare meme. After all, her banksta buddies told her it was necessary, no doubt.

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