From the Gasbags on Parade (GOP) files……….

STEAMROLLED: Flood insurance changes already hurting Hancock ~ Dwayne Bremer

I’ll note for the record that when Congressman Palazzo’s opinion mattered most, i.e. when he voted on Biggert-Waters he voted to impose those NFIP rate increases on his own people, which will keep the folks at the US Bankruptcy Court busy for years to come.

SUN HERALD | Editorial: Veterans shame Congress for shutdown ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board

Q: who’s to blame for government shutdown? A: the Republican party ~ Michael Cohen

For those of you wishing to hike in the picturesque Desoto National Forest I have this:

Due to the lapse in federal government funding, the U.S. Forest Service, as with other federal agencies, is closed with the exception of certain essential services.  However, we will attempt to make timely updates about public health and safety on these web pages as appropriate.  We sincerely regret this inconvenience.  For general information on Forest Service shutdown procedures, please visit USDA’s website.

And of course follow the last link and you get this:

Due to the lapse in federal government funding, this website is not available.

After funding has been restored, please allow some time for this website to become available again.

Washington braces for prolonged government shutdown ~ Karen Tumulty and Lori Montgomery

There were signs on Capitol Hill that Republicans — knowing that blame almost certainly will fall most heavily on them — are beginning to look for ways to lift some of the pressure.

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  1. As the wife and sister of veterans, I can tell you yesterday was a sad day in our country. It brought back
    memories of Viet Nam ( my husband is a Legionaire and Nam vet). If we do no clean out Washington, and
    soon, they are going bury us. Between the vets memorial news and 2 family members furloughed,
    it was a lot to swallow.
    And now this flood insurance issue. The sad thing about this is some of these people cannot afford it and
    won’t be able to sell it. Two days ago a homeowner while shopping locally told the shop owner he had
    just received his increase notice, and he is gonna tell them to shove it. The Echo is full of foreclosure
    notices now, they’ll make a fortune on them in the next couple of years.

  2. Doug – Plenty of blame to go around on this one. Haddanuff is right that we need to throw the whole lot of them out, from stem to stern. While many people deride the “Tea Party,” the reference to the revolt against the government and burdensome/oppressive taxes does ring true to some extent. Just saying……

  3. Love all these canards foisted by the Elitists/Progs. Keep trying to sell it. I ain’t buying it. Like it or not , we (the people) are all fighting the same beasts. McCain/Reid/Boehner/Pelosi – not a damn bit of difference between the lot of them. The only ones that seem to be making this point, though, are the ones being ridiculed. Just maybe the reason for THAT is they are hitting too close to the truth – kind of like a little blog I read (wink,wink).

  4. Doug, don’t fret, no doubt bankruptcy law will get overhauled once more so that debt slaves will never get relief. I can well imagine the day when Congress does away with Chapter 7 in its entirety and leaves only some 100% payback under Chapter 13.

    The Bankstas and Big Business enablers of Big Brother, though, might have bankruptcy overhauled so they get cash awards when they go under. Wait, I think that is already happening !

  5. Everyone claiming that if we just “throw the bums out” our problems will be solved gives the politicians too much credit. The financiers will just get new stooges elected.

  6. Didn’t I tell you about the paper making big bucks on legal notices–The Sea Coast Echo ran 40 legal
    notices today–17–almost 50% were foreclosures.
    It’s just beginning.

  7. I hear Mike Chaney has been turned down by Jim Hood in his efforts to sue the Federal Government to prevent a shutdown. Chaney should be filing a suit any moment now. “It is all Jim Hoods fault the government shut down…” Mike Chaney.

    Meanwhile back in the real world people are being screwed by Palazzo who is using the suffering a staged photo op for his reelection. I am not the smartest man in the world but I think these guys are trying to play both sides of the fence on these issues. Vote for the tea and plead innocent when it destroys the economy.

  8. Doug, I would bet that Palazzo did not know what was in the Biggert bill when he voted for it, just as he has no idea what the Affordable Care Act actually does and how it works.

    I doubt he has read a bill or a law since he got there, and if he did read one, he wouldn’t understand it. Nothing he says is true. His entire world view comes from party talking points that he never questions or verifies.

    It is much easier to depict everything in the world as an emotional battle of “us against them” if you are completely ignorant of the facts and act solely to maximize political patronage rather than attempting effective and efficient public policy.

  9. The sad thing about the ‘Village Idiot’ named Steven Palazzo is that we do not have enough money to send a person to defeat him. The Republican Party will throw everything they have into his campaign. No matter that he voted against the Hurricane Sandy Bill for New York & New Jersey, no matter that he is so stupid he could not understand what he reads, no matter that he answers his constituents with an off the wall subject, no matter that he voted to shut the country down, no matter that he was there for the media circus at the WWII Museum to get his mug on national TV, one would think he was Johnny on the Spot for the veterans instead of in fact being against them. For a Congressman that makes $174 thousand plus with FREE health care, why should we be suprised he is against Obama Care? It is unfortunate that you have to work 2 jobs to make ends meet but do you honestly think Steven Palazzo cares or that you cannot afford health care? The answer is NO since he has repeatedly voted against Obama Care and will continue to do so.

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