One thought on “Bay Waveland School District on WLOX……”

  1. Doug, don’t you love MacPhaille? He doesn’t sue neighbors!! No, he just lets Artigues do it for him using
    taxpayers dollars. It is a shame this couple didn’t have time to explain the bullying, harassment, etc. they
    gone through all summer. But, hopefully they’ll get their day in court.
    Looks like this school board is gonna be spending a lot of time in court between the $6million suit on
    Bay-Tech that could possible involve them and the Boswells.
    They must have loads of money for this and the multimillion dollar natatorium they have on their list of
    projects for the future on the site of the old North Bay Elementary property on Dunbar Ave.
    I was approached by a BSL city councilman this week who wants to know who is going to build that for
    them, and who is going to maintain and insure it. Good questions since they had to move the little ones
    to the high school complex supposedly because FEMA would not send money to build on Dunbar again after Katrina. This will be interesting to follow.

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