Excuse me while I take a victory lap………(Updated)

Former Radio Show Host Jennifer Gaubert
Former Radio Show Host Jennifer Gaubert

Slabbed solves the mystery of the lusty lawyer and perverted cabbie (Updated) ~ Slabbed 8/21/13

Tables turn on lawyer who accused cabbie of extortion ~ John Simerman

She declined to discuss the case Monday, referring questions to her attorney, Buddy Spell, who said that “a comment at this juncture would be premature.”

Woman accused of fabricating story of taxi driver extortion ~ Travers Mackel

3 thoughts on “Excuse me while I take a victory lap………(Updated)”

  1. Dear, Penthouse Forum,

    i drive a cab in new orleans. until now i thought all these letters were fake. a few months ago i was picking up a fare on canal street when all of the sudden…..

  2. Alright jr- Patricia- good posts, makes da’ office and Geico Camel happier- TODAY !!


    TwilightZone trailer: ” Her innocent, super-sized lollipop with “Two Sweet” on the front changes bewitchingly back at midnite to read ” Lyin’ Eyes” which she sings all da way in da’ cab to her new, after midnite WACKO radio spot, ” Lawlessness Out Loud.”


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