Errol and the Noisemakers on YouTube!

I thought how Stephanie Grace framed the view of Judge Engelhardt’s opinion in USA v Kaufman last night was bogus as the local mainstream media continues to blame the Judge instead of the perpetrators of the prosecutorial misconduct from Team Letten and DoJ DC in the Danziger Bridge case.

But that is not why I embed Errol and the gang this morning no siree. ¬†You see folks I have this source from way far back that has connections that run very deeply into the Jefferson Parish business community that I have been looking to feature on Slabbed. I just needed the right spot and that is this morning. First we need to visit with the segment with Stephanie Grace and Common Core and then I’ll post a missive from my source in the business community:

TBL taught them well. An observation:

When our community does not perceive something in the way the political rulers desire, when we don’t behave ‘properly’, or when they seek to have THEIR candidate elected…….

That’s when it’s time for the puppeteer to get to work. The back halls of their organizations (in this case it looks mostly like JBC) get to work, phones start ringing, and a few local leges/politicos/supporters start having ‘town hall’ meetings to get the message out; influence the peeps so they can’t tell they are really being manipulated.

The issue this time: Common Core.

The actors: Kirk Talbot, Julie Stokes, (and a few others), since Cameron Henry voiced his opposition to Common Core and announced his intention to bring forward a bill to repeal (funding for?) Common Core.

When I see Jim Garvey headlined at multiple events to explain BESE’s position, I see a concerted effort to protect someone, prop up something. But who is the puppeteer? And who and what are they trying to protect? One thing is certain, it’s easy to see who the puppets are!

I believe they are trying to protect Conrad Appel. Does he regret his support of Common Core now that parents have learned about it and don’t want it? Do/did future political aspirations cloud his judgment? Sen. Appel, you did tell us how to behave didn’t you?

Well, we don’t like it, and you can’t make us like it either. You are NOT convincing; your supporting statements lack concrete evidence and sound like platitudes instead.

Lastly, will Jim and Conrad’s names be redacted in those Henry Shane emails?

The bottom line here is the politics involved is far more complex and inbred than it appears at first blush.

2 thoughts on “Errol and the Noisemakers on YouTube!”

  1. The critique of Englehardt’s “New Trial Order” in Danziger by the liberal “Lame Stream Media” (which includes Ms. Grace) is ALL RACE BASED. The Times Pick-Your-Nose can’t sell newspapers if it doesn’t reach the Negro market. We still live in a City where the white man is a minority and the “one-man-one vote” Negro RULES. Most Negroes simply don’t understand Englehardt’s decision (they just don’t have the intellect), and VIOLENTLY disagree with the New Trial Order. Hence, the conclusion by Ms. Grace, and others similarly situated, who are PANDERING to Negroes, that while the errant prosecutors must be PUNISHED, a new trial for the obviously GUILTY was unwarranted. “Ditto” for Council-Person at Large Stacy Head, who can’t win re-election without a “bunch” of Negro votes (unless it rains on election day), and who now is “on the fence” with respect to the Residency Rule for Police and Firemen. ARE YOU NUTS, STACY? I just don’t like “panderers” and “whores”, black or white, male or female. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. You err, Dwyer. Apologists employed by MinTruth actively direct the meme, they do not react. Stephanie Grace is a good example of how a presstitute disseminates agitprop in order to cultivate the correct party line.

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