Jefferson Parish Community Development Director Anatola Thompson resigns (UPDATED)

And folks my sources are telling me she is not leaving the Parish under blue sky conditions. In fact the betting money is on….

All eyes on officialdom next week.  I know more but that is all I can say about this topic for now. (h/t Anonymous)

Here are a few recent and not so recent links:

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Jefferson Parish Community Development ~ Official Jefferson Parish website (Note the news on Ms Thompson’s departure is so fresh Ms Thompson is still listed as employed by the Parish.)

Update – September 28, 2013

The crickets are chirping folks as news has leaked out from the deepest recesses of Jefferson Parish Government so this morning I share more information that came to me via anonymous bat signal.

First thing all eyes need to be on the Legislative Auditor’s website because there is a report rumored to be released that is evidently damning towards Ms Thompson. In looking for clues as to what may be coming we need to check in with Hammerman:

Anatola Thompson is Byron Lee’s sister in law according to sources familiar with the this group of West Bank politicos.

10 thoughts on “Jefferson Parish Community Development Director Anatola Thompson resigns (UPDATED)”

  1. I’m sure many people advised Ana tola’ her numerous times to be careful wit all dem’ millions in community funds Ana tola’ her dat wit out independent, auditory super-vision peoples unwittingly gets addicked to playing Monopoly: Crony Capitalism Edition.

    It would be great news if Inspector McClintock had somethin’ to do wit dis’ investigation.


        1. And da’ question they’re askin’ Anatola of Iran – Did Anatola justa dola or stola da’ mola to causola Anatola to resigna her fundgina?

  2. Shoo birdies- Spray,spray – Shoo birdies- Spray,spray- Dam, sounds like dis ‘ could be hard work

    ‘ Shoo,shoo Hammer- Shoo ,shoo Hammer , really dude I gots to go, gets yo’ birdie butt out of da’ Dump and go see da’ Feds’, says politically connected and Shoo shoo expert, Eric Thompson ( parody paraphrased) .

    Anybody know if Eric Thompson, Bryon Lee’s brother-in-law, still has the $236,000 Bird Nuisance and Odor Control contract at the Jefferson Parish Dump mentioned above in the May 7,2013 Hammer story. Didn’t ex-Pres. Theriot reduce this contract from $325,000 down to the bargain basement price of $236,000 when he discovered one man ( Eric Thompson? ) sitting on a chair shooing da’ birdies away.

    Finally, do other parishes have Bird Nuisance and Odor Control contracts at their dumps. Shouldn’t voters be giving the ” bird” to such contracts and paying for a more needed Odor Control of BS Crony Contracts anointed by the Council. If da’ Dump contract is really necessary I’m sure da’ Parish could hire the politically unconnected man recently arrested for running his car over 47 seagulls at Elmwood Shopping Center for 1/4 the price of Shoo Shoo Eric.

  3. So you mean she’s related to Byron Lee and there was impropriety involved? Shocking….isn’t it?

    We could save everyone a lot of time by just indicting everyone……that’s where its going to end up eventually anyway….

    1. Anatola was hired by Aaron Broussard but John Young retained her so the buck stops on John in this personnel matter which is looking more like a federal crime scene every day..

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