The Engelhardt pummeling in the media continues: Who wudda thunk….

That Slabbed would be the one to go easy on him? I mean heck, back during the thick of the insurance war playing out in the Federal courts a few years back we levied a criticism or two at the man including when Slabbed went under the covers with Gidget but not here on the Danziger case. That said I do harbor some sympathy for the points Jarvis DeBerry made in his column.

Do the Danziger Bridge defendants deserve a new trial? ~ Juliet Linderman

Before you answer that question one should consider the alternative remedies.  I found this legal tome a bit dated but otherwise still useful.

In other news:

After Danziger Bridge ruling, lawyers for Perricone, Mann defend clients ~ Naomi Martin

This time Sal and Jan have stuck close to council, which is a smart move considering all the bad things that happened after Sal paid a visit to Errol and pals last year.

Bottom line here is a retrial is not near the worst thing that could have happened to the victims of the Danziger Bridge Shooting as a complete dismissal of the charges was an option for Judge Engelhardt.

12 thoughts on “The Engelhardt pummeling in the media continues: Who wudda thunk….”

  1. Well, I am so happy that the SERIAL LIAR Jan Maselli-Mann has chosen Scheckman as her lawyer. They DESERVE each other. Scheckman is a PIMP who protected Kimball when he was on the Louisiana Judiciary Committee from my Complaint against Kimball for her orchestrating (along with another of her PIMPS, Plattsmier) my abduction, brutalization, torture and false imprisonment in September 2005. It’s really ironic that Scheckman now is defending Maselli-Mann from a Judge (I thought he was working for a Jefferson parish agency Does the Parish know he is taking “outside” cases?). Parenthetically, I also reported in open Court in my criminal case on March 4, 2010 to Maselli-Mann and some of her colleagues, to the FBI and the DOJ, all of whom were in the Courtroom, the circumstances of my abduction, etc., the CORRUPTION of the “Victims of KATRINA” litigation by the DisHonorable “CROOKED AS A SNAKE” Duval-Daley-Fayard and his “close personal friend of long-standing” Calvin Fayard who was handed control and management of various aspects of the Victims of KATRINA litigation, and the fact that I was sitting in the criminal dock solely because I was a “political prisoner”. Maselli-Mann, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the FBI and the DOJ DID NOTHING. I hope Maselli-Mann and Scheckman BOTH burn in hell. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Eventually they may burn, Ashton, in the afterlife, absent their renouncing the prince of this world. On the other hand, they were members of a gang with a legitimated monopoly on extortion, i.e. the State, and having gotten their 30 pieces of silver and pensions, they most likely don’t think much of the future.

  2. Yes and no, Doug.

    DeBarry is one of those who articulates good thoughts but for the wrong reason or out of lack of principled thought. And, he is a victim of his own statist mindset which when the chips are down, defaults to the legitimacy of State action in every respect, even when the State violates its own “rules.”

    Lost in the agitprop is the very chilling fact that the State’s agents essentially did their best to cook up a show trial by intimidating witnesses and the like. Unfortunately this is rather normal in the USofA in these days and is getting worse, judging from judicial news around and about the nation.

    DeBarry is rather also intellectually limited. The militarization of police nationwide escapes his scrutiny, no doubt borne out of the default position noted above. Story after story from throughout the nation tells of a militarized police versus the citizenry, transcending DeBarry’s presumed motif that the issue is exclusively racial in nature.

    Another indication that the mindset of DeBarry and indeed his guild and of the False Estate in general is to shy away from trenchant comment on the State’s insistence on not only sovereign immunity but also the ability to victimize the populace without consequence. One sees little editorial insistence by the Newhouse Ministry of Truth that a government entity simply own up for the consequences of any tortious action. It is bad enough that “our representatives” in the Duma and little Dumas have legislated a ceiling on the value of a human being – Louisiana at $500,000 sad to say is in excess of other areas (and one can only shake the head at the blather put about by progressive nutjobs that Louisiana is the bottom of the pack on anything, particularly when Louisiana, oddly enough, does slightly recognize the primacy of the individual over the State. But then again, that is anathema to the average Statist.) Texas is as low as $100,000, Florida is $200,000, two which quickly come to mind. In other states you don’t even get that far because of absolute bar of sovereign immunity, and the feds are no better.
    No doubt the Newhouse propagandists would rather not have the Landru regime – or any other legitimated gang called government – cough up the
    monies required to make a victim of State action whole, for after all, that would be a tacit recognition that the individual has value over the needs of the collective.
    The entirety of storyline, when all the facts are in, remains murky, and given the actors and circumstances, not susceptible to resolution, merely more problems.

  3. Wasn’t Engelhardt on Vitter’s staff and how much of his 129 page rant do you think is bad feelings and revenge because of the Canal St. Brothel prosecution by said prosecutors.

    1. According to Gidget Lore, Engelhardt wrote the checks to pay her. In my opinion he had to know regardless. But then he was baptized by the United States Senate.

  4. That is an interesting angle on his venom, not mentioned by any other commenter here or in the MSM, but I would say, that has some legs.

    1. But knowing the politicized nature of DOJ, Had Enuff, and their mindset of retaliation, there must have been too many snakes beneath that rock or otherwise DOJ would have leaked the entirety of the Canal Street findings through some transmission belt reporter.

      1. This is off-topic, but do you, Empire, or anyone know if Juliette Cassagne of the JP Planning Dept. is “of” the Cassagne-Wilkinson clan? An article in the TP mentioned her as being in the Planning Department whose Director is Terri Wilkinson, who has been introduced on Slabbed once before. Just curious.

  5. My problem with Englehardt is that much of his rant was CONSIDERED by the jury and still resulted in a guilty verdict. That being said, I do have a problem with witness intimidation and that, if true, would bring me around somewhat to his ruling. I truly believe that Englehardt was shocked and appalled by the jury’s guilty verdicts and the prosecutorial misconduct was an excuse to interject himself in a case where his hands would otherwise have been tied. Keep in mind that police officers anre routinely acquitted in civil rights cases on a state level and thus, I believe that most juries (especially in a fairly conservative venue like the EDLA) are sympathetic from the start making the government’s job more challenging. Hell, a large segment of our populace would likely not be not allowed to sit because of their sympathies towards police officers.

    I go back to my original thought “What if the victims were the shooters and the shooters were the victims?” Would Englehardt believe so strongly that a new trial was warranted? I seriously doubt it.

    This reminds me of a judge in a civil case saying the plaintiff had a ton of pre-existing conditions and thus, I am going to yank a substantial judgment because there is no way you could have listened to the physicians and concluded this plaintiff was seriously injured. Just like damages caps usurp juries I think Englehardt usurped the jury to an extent.

    What now? Does he exclude evidence because of witness bias? That’s absurd. What if same verdict is reached? Is the second jury as bad as first jury?

    I still don’t agree with decision .

    1. You’ll see the competence of DOJ if DOJ itself doesn’t move to new venue given what has happened. That is, unless DOJ simply wants to keep on cooking a cause celebre and not have some degree of justice meted out.

      NRB, what would prove a greater signal to the local kleptocracy would be to hammer very hard on the amount gotten in a civil suit. Look at the cases involving uniformed thugs around the nation, particularly those reported by Will Griggs. It is only when the kleptocrats have to pay out for goon action do they slightly call down the militarized Innere SicherheitheimatMinisterium.

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