I hear A. J. Giardina was in town today

And the legal fight brewing between the Bay Waveland School District, New Orleans developer Jim Macphaille and singer Rochelle Harper is gonna make the local TeeVee News. The subject is complex and comes with requisite cronyism and incompetence. Hopefully Giardina does not butcher it.

One naturally wonders why Hancock County beat reporter Al Showers does not have this story for WLOX but maybe he took the day off to pay his severely late water bill. More on that later today.

9 thoughts on “I hear A. J. Giardina was in town today”

  1. Al has been at it a long time over in Hancock County.TV reporting does not pay much and I think he may even be part time. If he does not get that water bill paid there will be no more Showers at that house. Might be good to get some new blood over there anyway. How did Harper get involved? First time I recall hearing her name. Some good music comes out of that pretty woman.

    1. Rochelle and her hubby own a house next to the S.J. Ingram Building on Dunbar Ulman Ave in Bay St Louis. Ingram is part of the sale of the old Bay Middle School Complex in Old Town. Online tax maps show the listing agent’s family also owns a 20 foot strip of land in that general area.

      There was some litigation on this matter between the prior owner of the house and the School Board that dates back to the early part of last decade that was never pursued to a conclusion. I am curious to see how Giardina handles it.

  2. Doug, Rochelle’s property is on Ulman Ave. next to the S.J.Ingram building. The school board attorney allowed the Board to list this property for sale knowing they did not have a clear title. Now, it is going to court, and I am hearing MacPhaille signed yesterday and put up the rest of his money. Must have been cash–no mortgage company is going to back a parcel in a title dispute. This botched job by Butler-Snow could be the intro to another “parcel” in the neighborhood that causing some folks to reach deep in their pockets for legal fees. Things are just getting started.

  3. Will be interesting to see what AJ does with this story. Both the Bay Tech & SSE deals stink to high heaven.

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