“Egg water” deadbeats: A collaboration between Slabbed New Media and the Alliance for Good Government

A few weeks ago someone knowledgeable of the operations of the City of Bay St Louis indicated to Slabbed the city was not being diligent in collecting past due water bills and this is important because of cash flow problems the City is experiencing overall. Cash flow problems in municipalities is not unusual per se as the majority of the property taxes come in from December through February and taper off greatly from there. The general subject gets arcane and technical very quickly but the City needs cash to pay payroll period and it’d be nice to have enough left over to pay the bills too.

Lana Noonan of the Hancock County Alliance for Good Government did the PRR work along with some analysis and this post would not be possible without her contribution and that of the Hancock County Alliance for Good Government to the effort. First up is the list of major delinquent accounts and note that WLOX’s Al Showers in on that list owing over $500. ¬†Al, my best advice is to join The Advocate’s Richard Thompson and follow Slabbed immediately on Twitter because if I had to guess, those $100 water bills you are getting come partly from a leaky toilet and today I just happened to post on twitter a handy Youtube video on how to make the repair. Just guessing but I think Thompson has been close to militant on this issue because he covers folks like Jefferson Parish Councilman at Large Chris Roberts, a man that can make that repair in under 5 minutes at 5AM blindfolded with one hand tied behind his back. True dat Richard!

Without further ado here is the list of major H2O delinquents:

Table courtesy of Lana Noonan / Hancock County Alliance for Good Government
Table courtesy of Lana Noonan / Hancock County Alliance for Good Government

This above list covers roughly half the total 90 days plus delinquent balance of $146,124. Not listed are 7 City employees that show up as delinquent for lesser amounts:

  • Jamie Favre–administrative asst.–HR/ins/Rec–$145.23–last payment (June 28, 2013) account status–Active
  • Gregory Farve–Building Officer Enforcement Officer–$140.83–last payment (June 21, 2013) account status-Active
  • Steve Forstall–administrator–parks & property–$70.34–last payment (July 30, 2103)-account status–Active
  • Kevin Gaillot–patrolman–$149.68–last payment-(August 27,2013) account status–Active
  • C. Sheppard–clerical–$62.39–last payment(August 15,2013) account status–Active
  • M. Swanier–operator, drainage–$216.11 (last payment–12-2-2009) account status–Final Notice
  • Charles Oliver–Building Inspector–last payment( July 16, 2013) account status–active

I noted a few instances where it appeared the same person was able to open at least one additional account under a similar variation of their first name while a previous account was disconnected. I noted at least three instances where new accounts have yet to pay for a single month and the accounts are still marked active.

Overall the list ran to 45 pages of data and most of the account balances were relatively small but the dollars add up to a total of $265,955, half of which would pay a few salaries plus some bills.

The receivable ageing also reveals some interesting 1 and 2 month delinquent accounts as of September 23, 2013 and that would be Hollywood Casino at $35,556 total due and Hancock Medical Center, which has amounts due dating back 60 days at $18,677. Very recently Dwayne Bremer wrote a story on the cash problems at the Hospital that dovetails nicely with being late paying the water bill.

The bottom line is times are tough here in Soggy Bottom and things are fixing to get far worse thanks to our politicians such as Steven Palazzo and that disastrous flood insurance bill he supported. Al Showers has that story:

WLOX.com – The News for South Mississippi

Here is the full 48 page pdf for those so interested.

8 thoughts on ““Egg water” deadbeats: A collaboration between Slabbed New Media and the Alliance for Good Government”

  1. Do these people listed still have water flowing to their houses? How could some run up these size water bills? Must be years of use at some locations without payment.

  2. To answer your question, “Time for a Change” this is a very old practice in Bay St. Louis. 90% of this is just
    “I do it because I know I can.” Look at 7 current city employees, 1 department head, 1 administrator.
    The taxpayers are providing them with a salary, health benefits, and retirement. They are gainfully
    employed. I say to them “Go pay your bill.” I say to the city officials, “Cut them off.” Believe me, they
    aren’t doing this to Miss. Power, Coast Electric, AT&T, Mediacom, etc. If the city cannot run the utility
    system in a business-like manor, that is fair to all, they need to get out of the utility business.
    Think for a minute how much this list is going to grow when the new utility rate hike takes effect.

  3. WTF is Richard Thompson to call down Slabbed? You’d think a licensed presstitude with the False Estate could come up with quick well-informed anwers to anything, right?

    Thompson’s own worded “bio” tells us all we need – a typical Tipsy presstitute (or is it presstard) from the great Northeast who don’t know shit about local corruption but will polish it and give it to you to eat:

    Reporter for the New Orleans Advocate. Former T-P biz reporter. Massachusetts native; Northeastern graduate; Red Sox enthusiast. I’ve seen Phish 35 times.

  4. Geographic connexity is just one incident of the attributes which were so greatly desired by the Tipsy, Eye-spy. I fully know what I address through dealings with prior Tipsy reporters going back into the 1970s. The incomprehensible part (err, in retrospect, not incomprehensible but intentional) was the Tipsy sacrificing real reporters who had an ability to not only write but also to ferret out news, in favour of those who essentially were dedicated to grinding out the “message” desired by the Tipsy management. Tipsy management were all enamoured of that nebulous, pompous bluestocking nannyite, smug noblesse oblige thinking of self-annointed superiority, what at one time was referred to as “limousine liberals,” and consciously seeing out those likewise inclined. If actual news reporting suffered, too bad, the agitprop came first and foremost.
    You had the often hilarious, pathetic and hypocritical spectacles of Tipsy favoring local kleptos over other local kleptos. Indeed, you had the pathetic spectacle of Tipsy publicly chiding local kleptos while at the same time actively participating in the looting process. Tell us what you recall about the fact that certain characters at Tipsy were receiving royalties from public lands in Plaquemines Parish courtesy of the local kleptos – right, Eye-spy, the truth came out in the early 1980s but you didn’t see THAT confessed!

    1. Apparently you seem quite hyper sensitive over this topic or someone pissed in your bowl of cornflakes this morning My reply was a mere joke and I apologize for ruffling your feathers.

      1. You didn’t ruffle any feathers, Eye-Spy, instead, this was a good opportunity to bring forth to public view facts relegated to the memoryhole by the Tipsy lickspittles.

        Doug and the new media deserve credit for informing the public whilst “licensed professionals” such as Thompson get that split-tongue operation to better serve their masters.

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