Other Voices | Erin of Hattiesburg: The people of south Mississippi need Gene Taylor

I am a Democrat in this sea of red in southeast Mississippi. I am probably the only Democrat in District 4 who didn’t know Steven Palazzo is a member of the Tea Party, and I think this can be used to defeat him. I was ready to see Palazzo gone when he voted against federal assistance for Hurricane Sandy victims. I am watching Palazzo to see how he plays in the upcoming debates to stop the sequester and pass a budget. There are many people in District 4 who receive social security benefits and military pay on active duty or reserve/guard who will suffer if the sequester doesn’t stop. If Palazzo sticks with his Tea Party cohorts he will bring District 4 voters to their knees financially. I don’t know how to personally contact Mr. Taylor so I request that you inform him that District 4 needs for him to get back in the fight in the House of Representatives. Mr. Taylor needs to go public big time if he will try to get this congressional seat back.

Erin in Hattiesburg

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  1. Gene Taylor, the people in Mississippi need you right now. Please run for Congress again. We are no longer represented, the tea party is. I promise to work my butt off for you. You can help restore some semblance of sanity to Congress. Help!

  2. Erin:: Don’t you worry yourself about your social security and others’ military pay the House of Representatives has funded all that 100%. It will be up to the Senate to see if they will vote for all of that or stop those absolutely needed, essential monies.

    The House has not funded Obamacare for the ordinary middle class through the incompetent IRS regulators as 70% of the country is opposed to Obamacare because: 1.) most people have seen their private health premiums go up 8-10% for the pass 3 years since Obamacare became law and not go down an average of $2,500/family predicted by Obama personally; 2.) Obama by executive order violated the Obamacare law and gave certain corporations ( Obama contributors?) a 1 year immunity implementing Obamacare for their employees and still corporations such as Walgreens dropped 160,000 employees from their health insurance rolls and the Cleveland Clinic, which Obama stated in a speech represented the most efficiently run system, just laid off thousands of employees because of Obamacare;3.) the House only wants the same 1 year immunity of implementation for the general public that was given to certain large corporations to force certain changes in Obamacare as hundreds of thousands of businesses are cutting employees to 29 hours/week and 4.) if the House fails please think of your young grandchildren who will be paying a large amount of their income on Obamacare premiums and possibly working only 29 hours per week to boot.

    If Obamacare is not changed now, as a Democrat, who originally voted for Obamacare, has recently stated to the press : ‘ Obamacare is a train wreck waiting to happen’.

    The original Obamacare bill of 2,500 pages, which only passed because two senators from La. and Nebraska were bribed with federal monies for their states, is now close to 20,000 pages and it has not even been fully implemented.

    1. The only place I disagree with Erin is in how she views the Tea Party. My own views on same have evolved greatly. I think she’d be surprised how much she has in common with them.

  3. Be sure and thank Palazzo for helping shut the country down. He has all the health care and perks the law allows and probably some that are not allowed yet he will shut our nation down to keep the working poor from receiving health care. And Mississippi is the poorest state in the yet our politicians are playing to the rich and upper class. How pathetic! What is more pathetic is that we elected this poor excuse of a person to represent us. Look at his first vote to keep Hurricane Sandy victims from receiving help! And the list keeps on growing.

  4. It seems that Gene would have a great chance of recovering his seat that rightfully should never have been taken away from him. He is a true statesman, an independent thinker, and has the maturity to handle the job. He understands the importance and the necessity to compromise when necessary (a strength nor a weakness).

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