Mississippi Miscallany: The reason there is a website called Slabbed.Org

Minor family wins $1.56 million verdict against USAA in Jackson County court ~ Anita Lee

USAA attorney Greg Copeland did not return a telephone call to comment about the case.

Gee, seems like just yesterday Copeland was backslapping and celebrating……

No ruling on Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd’s bond revocation today ~ April Havens

Government rebuts Ladner’s collusion complaint ~ Dwayne Bremer

Rocks crush Sumrall, 55-0 ~ Joe Gex II

9 thoughts on “Mississippi Miscallany: The reason there is a website called Slabbed.Org”

  1. If I’m reading that USAA story correctly the jury awarded less than what USAA offered the Minors. Am I misunderstanding? That’s a pretty good result for the defense.

  2. http://www.sunherald.com/2013/09/21/4970786/edwards-seen-as-choice-to-head.html Read this article from this mornings Sunherald. They are still trying to find a position for Gov.Phildo’s political son, Ashley Edwards. By his own admittance he is not qualified, just has the ear of some impotent people. I would have been more impressed if he would have stated ” I think I am qualified for this position because I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.” Will it ever end? The Barbour-Bryant Jihad continues to send these young republican soldiers out to soak up the taxpayer’s money. Makes me MAD AS HELL!

    1. If only they were impotent, we’d all be a lot safer.
      Like you, I feel that information such as this is a dagger to the heart. I ask myself, why do they feel invincible. Why do they feel immune. What do they know that would enable them to think they can carry on business as usual. What deals have been struck. Who else has sold out the people of Mississippi. They truly act untouchable, intractable, immovable, and … sovereign.

      1. If the people were to become more active and rise up they might listen. This is a position being filled by somebody looking to continue living at the feeding trough of government. As he said he was a policeman, a journalist and then “BAM” he met the right person who placed him in a position of contact making and off to the $150,000. executive job. No different than the others we often discuss. The people in Hancock County should be outraged by the mere suggestion of putting somebody with his lack of experience in that position.

        1. He stated something about that he has learned a lot about ports within the last few years. Well I have learned a lot about bullshit within the same time frame. I am totally convinced that these positions are rigged from the start. Just like the DMR director.

          One with half an ounce of common sense would wonder how a 33 year old with a journalism degree fits the bill for a job like this. You would think it would be occupied by someone with an engineering, logistics, transportation or trade background.

          Oh wait, that train of thought does not apply in the red neck riviera.

  3. The truly qualified need not apply. These political appointments are costing the taxpayers of South Ms. a whole lot of money for on the job training at the DMR, the Airport and now the Hancock County Port. No matter what Edwards says I think he tried to weasel his way into the DMR job until the outrage over his zero experience surfaced. The only thing he knew about the Gulf of Mexico was that it is south of 90 and that is where all that fried seafood he has been eating came from. I do recall that he did go on some of those all expense paid DMR fishing trips with Scott Walker. Maybe that would make him qualified him for some jail time.

  4. Did you all think the political machine was going to honestly select the most qualified? Have you seen this happen in Mississippi lately that the most qualified were selected? And when you read the comments by president Robert Kane, you understand that the ‘good ole boy’ system is well and good in our idiot state.

    I’m sure you all saw blow-hard Hoseman on WLOX TV this weekend saying he and his cronies would be in Hattiesburg to be sure the mayorial election would be conducted in an honest and not circus like atmosphere. Looks like he has been trumped since the feds are in town to be sure Hoseman’s people do not sway the election as it appears they are attempting to do.

  5. This is just the caliber the likes of Robert Kane would be looking for. Someone who doesn’t have a clue
    and Robert can “train” him. Wonder why Gene Taylor would want to spend time with these people?
    He must have better things to do.

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