Louisiana Miscellany: Money talks…….

Forbes: Newhouses’ fortune increases ~ Andrew Beaujon

For those that missed it I highly recommend as a companion to the above last night’s episode of Errol and the Noisemakers as Errol and his crack panel of seasoned journalistic professionalsTM were on fire last night.

Last year’s restructure of the Times Picayune along with the advent of the Lucky Coin Today has resulted in the Balkanization of the local media congroovancy (to borrow a term from Editilla). Worth noting is Tom Benson cuddled up with the Newhouse clan while the folks at Team Georges are nestled in with Belo soon to be Gannett’s Channel 4 WWL TeeVee. The term Balkanized is appropriate here because of the twisted sub alliances with certain new media/alternative media outlets. Why anyone else would allow themselves to be Balkanized by the likes of Tom Benson and John Georges is completely beyond me but I do find it is eerily reminiscent of the following:

Slabbed will remain like Switzerland and continue on as before.  Now for some other links:

Kenner hired private investigator to track city employee ~  Adriane Quinlan

Jefferson Parish Council defines why it hired lowest-ranked law firm with highest-contributions, to complaints from citizen group ~ Adriane Quinlan

Follow the money to Cossich, Sumich, Parsiola & Taylor and the reason Burglass & Tankersley got this work comes far clearer focus according to talk amongst the Winos and Gutter Punks at Lafreniere Park.

Judge mulling key pretrial decisions in Katrina flooding lawsuit in Jefferson Parish ~ Paul Purpura

It appears we are to the cut on this suit as it involves the continued participation of former Goatherder in Chief Aaron Broussard in this litigation. Mount Hermon indeed.

Kenneth Polite Jr. takes over U.S. Attorney’s Office ~ John Simerman

Formal ceremony Friday for BR’s first female U.S. judge ~ Bill Lodge

Based upon the early reviews my mind is open to the possibility Judge Dick may be Obama’s worst Article III appointment to the courts of the Greater Soggy Bottom Metro area to date.

Finally, from the legal profession in Louisiana has no business regulating itself files I offer as proof:

Disbarred former New Orleans judge gets back his law license ~ Lucky Coin Today Staff

The Louisiana Supreme Court agreed Friday to reinstate the law license of former Orleans Parish Civil District Court Judge C. Hunter King, who was kicked off the bench in 2003, then disbarred in 2010 for forcing staffers to raise campaign cash and lying about it under oath.

It gets better (which is worse IMHO)

King denied the fundraising demands, but audiotapes proved that he pressed his employees to each sell 20 tickets.

If they failed to sell the tickets, he told them, they would need to make a personal contribution.

King also sold tickets at a funeral.

“Now, a funeral clearly ain’t no place where you hustle no damn tickets, but we did it tactful and I don’t think it was unappropriate (sic) because we may not see that guy, Billy, whatever his name was,” he told his staff. “We may not see him again between now and our fundraiser.”

2 thoughts on “Louisiana Miscellany: Money talks…….”

  1. Dick don’t know dick. Between Polite and Dick, Landrieu has foisted inexperience on the peeps of south Louisiana. You criminals can resume what you were doing – street crime is the priority du jour.

  2. RE: “Rachel “Shelly” Dick: This woman is a DIRTY LYING BITCH (spelled with a CAPITOL “C”) who NEVER should have been confirmed as a Federal Judge. The confirmation process is as FLAWED today as it was when “Robert Collins” was confirmed (ONLY because he was a NEGRO) and when G. Thomas “ORTOUS” was confirmed (because he was as “CROOKED” as his NOMINATORS and CONFIRMATORS). I objected to DICK’s confirmation (she is the sister-in-law of former Chief “Injustice” of the Louseyanna Supreme Court, Catherine DICK Kimball, who orchestrated my abduction, brutalization, torture and false imprisonment on 9/20/05) to Senators Leahy, Grassley and Vitter, who have their noses up Mary Landrieu’s TWAT, but got NOTHING, not even a “WHAM BAM, THANK YOU MA’M”, even though my objections were submitted to them under penalty of perjury. Dick, who is married to Kimball’s brother, was the attorney of record for Kimball in my personal litigation, Civil Action No. 06-7280 on the Eastern District docket, and Case No. 08-30052 on the Fifth “Circus” docket. I complained that, in addition to violating a large number of State criminal statutes, DICK violated the False Statements Act (18 U.S.C. Section 1001) in my litigation to provide “cover” for her sister-in-law/client, ie. to OBSTRUCT JUSTICE, by doing the following, which constituted “FRAUD UPON THE COURT”: (1) Failing to disclose to the Court (Helen “Ginger” Berrigan, who is a “lost ball in high weeds, and who is routinely given a lot more credit for “intellect” than she deserves) that Attorney General Charles Foti, Jr. was an attendee at a meeting in Foti’s office on September 11, 2005, when Kimball stated to several persons: “Somebody’s got to shut that guy (referring to Ashton O’Dwyer) up; he’s giving us all a bad name”. Foti, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the State took that statement as a COMMAND, with dire consequences for O’Dwyer. (2) DICK’s remaining SILENT when Berrigan dismissed Foti from the litigation on or about 4/11/07, when Dick KNEW that Foti had been present, and that Foti had issued the instructions to the “GOONS” to GO GET O’DWYER ( and they DID). (3) DICK’s filing Motions to dismiss Kimball from the litigation, when she KNEW that these Motions had NO MERIT, if the true facts had been disclosed to the Court, and making sure that the true facts were suppressed and never presented to the Court. See Record Document Nos. 18 and 146 in C.A. No. 06-7280. (4) Making the disingenuous arguments that “there is no link”, and “where is the connexity?”, and “there is a huge disconnect in the nexus”, when she KNEW that the “connection” was Foti himself, who took her sister-in-law’s words (Somebody’s got to shut that guy up; he’s giving us all a bad name”) as a COMMAND. (O’Dwyer did not learn of Foti’s attendance at the meeting until March 2008, AFTER Foti had been dismissed as a defendant by Berrigan who was – and is – on a different planet from O’Dwyer and “most”f us. (5) DICK’s making the TOTALLY FALSE argument that her sister-in-law, Kimball, enjoyed “qualified immunity” for her illegal and unconstitutional CRIMES against O’Dwyer, which were totally “ultra vires” and not protected by constitutional immunization, in the least. This woman, DICK, is every bit as FELONIOUS as her sister-in-law, Kimball, and deserves to be in a Federal Penitentiary, not wearing a black robe in the Middle District. Thank you Senators Leahy, Grassley and Vitter – YEAH, thanks for NOTHING. Ashton O’Dwyer.

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