Louisiana Miscellany: Money talks…….

Forbes: Newhouses’ fortune increases ~ Andrew Beaujon

For those that missed it I highly recommend as a companion to the above last night’s episode of Errol and the Noisemakers as Errol and his crack panel of seasoned journalistic professionalsTM were on fire last night.

Last year’s restructure of the Times Picayune along with the advent of the Lucky Coin Today has resulted in the Balkanization of the local media congroovancy (to borrow a term from Editilla). Worth noting is Tom Benson cuddled up with the Newhouse clan while the folks at Team Georges are nestled in with Belo soon to be Gannett’s Channel 4 WWL TeeVee. The term Balkanized is appropriate here because of the twisted sub alliances with certain new media/alternative media outlets. Why anyone else would allow themselves to be Balkanized by the likes of Tom Benson and John Georges is completely beyond me but I do find it is eerily reminiscent of the following:

Slabbed will remain like Switzerland and continue on as before.  Now for some other links:

Kenner hired private investigator to track city employee ~  Adriane Quinlan

Jefferson Parish Council defines why it hired lowest-ranked law firm with highest-contributions, to complaints from citizen group ~ Adriane Quinlan

Follow the money to Cossich, Sumich, Parsiola & Taylor and the reason Burglass & Tankersley got this work comes far clearer focus according to talk amongst the Winos and Gutter Punks at Lafreniere Park.

Judge mulling key pretrial decisions in Katrina flooding lawsuit in Jefferson Parish ~ Paul Purpura

It appears we are to the cut on this suit as it involves the continued participation of former Goatherder in Chief Aaron Broussard in this litigation. Mount Hermon indeed. Continue reading “Louisiana Miscellany: Money talks…….”

Mississippi Miscallany: The reason there is a website called Slabbed.Org

Minor family wins $1.56 million verdict against USAA in Jackson County court ~ Anita Lee

USAA attorney Greg Copeland did not return a telephone call to comment about the case.

Gee, seems like just yesterday Copeland was backslapping and celebrating……

No ruling on Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd’s bond revocation today ~ April Havens

Government rebuts Ladner’s collusion complaint ~ Dwayne Bremer

Rocks crush Sumrall, 55-0 ~ Joe Gex II

Other Voices | Erin of Hattiesburg: The people of south Mississippi need Gene Taylor

I am a Democrat in this sea of red in southeast Mississippi. I am probably the only Democrat in District 4 who didn’t know Steven Palazzo is a member of the Tea Party, and I think this can be used to defeat him. I was ready to see Palazzo gone when he voted against federal assistance for Hurricane Sandy victims. I am watching Palazzo to see how he plays in the upcoming debates to stop the sequester and pass a budget. There are many people in District 4 who receive social security benefits and military pay on active duty or reserve/guard who will suffer if the sequester doesn’t stop. If Palazzo sticks with his Tea Party cohorts he will bring District 4 voters to their knees financially. I don’t know how to personally contact Mr. Taylor so I request that you inform him that District 4 needs for him to get back in the fight in the House of Representatives. Mr. Taylor needs to go public big time if he will try to get this congressional seat back.

Erin in Hattiesburg

Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Obama’s Syria Team: Rodeo Clowns or Brain Surgeons?


Published on Sep 11, 2013

The 1962 Mets or the 1927 Yankees? It depends on who you ask and what day you ask it.

If you ask me, right now, the morning after the President’s speech to the country, I think Obama stopped the bleeding in the public perception of his leadership, and is more than halfway towards reclaiming the initiative on Syria. But that’s me, and I’m more often than not inclined to support Obama.

If you asked Charles Krauthammer, right-wing columnist for the Washington Post, who has been hammering Obama since Inauguration Day 2009, the same question at the same time, his answer was, “Obama’s most coherent statement so far. I’m glad he laid it out the way he did.” In other words, not bad, which is pretty good when it comes from the other side.

For Obama, getting to the September 10 speech was not pretty. If Obama ran either of his Presidential campaigns the way he handled the whole Syria episode, he’d still be either a US Senator or a practicing lawyer in Chicago. The message discipline of the campaigns was missing. Continue Reading…………

Jim Brown’s Weekly Column: Two Cheers for the French – Especially in Louisiana

Thursday, September 19th, 2013
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


As President Obama is bluntly finding out, it can be lonely out on a limb when the rest of the world fails to respond to a call for help. Despite the yeoman efforts of his administration, only a few other nations are even paying lip service to the President’s call for military help in response to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons, which killed more than 1,400 Syrians, including hundreds of children, when it was unleashed in a Damascus suburb on August 21. Even our once staunchest alley, Great Britain, has been sidelined by its parliament who voted overwhelming to stay out of any military action. Only one other major power has agreed to stand side by side with the President and his call for military intervention if all else fails. France.

France? Are you kidding? Wasn’t it the French, under then-President Jacques Chirac, who strongly opposed invading Iraq? And if you go back to the 1960s, those of us who are a little older will remember French President Charles De Gaulle’s strong opposition to America entering Vietnam. Since we have little to show for the billions spent and the lives lost in both invasions, maybe the French opposition wasn’t all that bad an idea.

However, the French have received little appreciation or even a few good words from American military leaders. Who can forget General Norman Schwarzkopf’s comment that, “Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without your accordion.” And then there was General George Patton in World War II who said, “I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me.”

And boy, have we gotten mad at the lack of French support. In the congressional cafeteria at the nation’s capitol, they changed the menu from French fries to freedom fries. That really showed them. And for the record, I don’t remember reading of any politician advocating the probation of French kissing. Continue Reading……….