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    1. My perception of the word “trade off” used in the article is: “Even though there will be fewer comments, at least the members of the DMR BFI club will have a little more cover fire.”

  1. This cricket is still chirping:
    It still looks like to me that the players that made this all possible are invisible.
    The following is my opinion:
    My recollection is that when this all first started, Herb Friarson (Phil Bryant

  2. Today is the day that DMR Director Jamie Miller goes to Jackson to ask the budget committee for more money. I hope they ask some serious questions about what has gone on at this agency since Miller took the job instead of more backslapping BS from his good old boy Repub buddies like Brice Wiggins. I think the public would like to hear what went on in those secret negotiations with the board members of the Bill Walker controlled Marine Resource Foundation. Something happened to allow for the forgiveness of almost a million dollars of misused taxpayers money. Miller and Pickering need to quit hiding behind the “ongoing investigation” curtain and give the people who stand to loose this money some damn answers. I hope they just say no to his request for any and all increases until this information is made public either by him or the reading of some indictment language released by somebody on a state or federal level. His teat time should be cut short beginning today.

      1. Miller claims the DMR is in motion to have these structures removed in short order. I read somewhere, maybe in the SH mullet wrapper, that the additional monies would be used to fill a few vacant positions. Who really knows at this point what the DMR will do going forward. Seems to me they are going to lean very heavily on subcontracting a large portion of the workload to consultants.

        1. A recent article at the Sun Herald (Louisiana firm takes on DMR coastal management program Published: September 17, 2013 ) had the following regarding Harbor Landing.

          Miller said the DMR is about to award bids to tear down the boat-storage building and yacht club. The city of Ocean Springs, the audit said, had wanted the DMR to sell Harbor Landing so the business would continue contributing to the city’s tax base and relieve boat congestion in the harbor. However, property acquired with CIAP funding must be conserved and remain in the state’s hands, the audit says.

          Was the money budgeted to perform this tear down? If so WHEN? Was the money budgeted under the Walker regime, and if so what are the rest of the details? If not a budget item, what is the source of the funds, and under whose authority is the transfer made? When was the bid letting? I guess I missed that, along with Slabbed and the Sun Herald.Maybe Cousin Holmes will get the job again?

          Time for the gobs to schedule another fundraiser with the left over bar inventory?

          1. Good questions with no answers for the public. He said one time before he did not have the money for the demo. Guess they found a large balance in one of the old Billy Walker accounts that only he and Joe Ziggy had access to. Did you notice how many comments that article had? Zero earlier today. I know Kate is happy. No monitoring needed.

          2. The number of comments at this moment is still 0. Hell, the Snake Nation would have bitten on that one 20-30 times by now. Hey Sunherald call the Alawiners and see if you can hire them to comment full time. They are both Facebook Clowns and would love the attention this would bring to their cause (cause they don’t know any better)

  3. Really sad , we got two grown men with women’s names , Stacey and Jamie, who both appear to still suckle on teats in public?

    I say give them a rubber pacifier and send dem womens to da’ Jackson Institution for the Unweanable.

  4. It is sad to watch the SH keep trying to defend a bad decision. May be the loss of revenue do to this change is more than they expected and it will only continue as people stop using the paper to get their news. The sun hearld has lost it’s credibility with a large section of it’s readers or may be soon to be ex-readers

    1. I for one will never return to the Sunherald. Read some of the lame comments that are now being posted. Also saw a couple of people said this morning they enjoyed the comments more than the articles prior to the change. Most of the articles are getting no comments at all which was unheard of. The SH can now take the herd of sheeple they now have as commenters and get the nod of approval on all they print. No interesting discussions just MAGANDY MANAGED MEANINGLESS MORONIC MUSHMOUTHING. Sorry, did not mean to shout.

      1. What you can’t open rfp is available on the Clarion Ledger site under state politics or Geoff Pender. Let me know if you can’t get to it. I will be glad to do whatever I can with my limited abilities on this puter

  5. I found it rather odd that the state treasurer couldn’t make it to the state’s budget meeting. WTH is up with that?

  6. I see the lamentations as to the lamestream media failing to report on yet another example of government corruption (yes, an oxymoro). What you fail to realize is that the lamestream media has done over the course of the last century is to morph completely into the communication/agitprop arm of the State. Indeed, witness the recent spectacle of the US Senate gutting the First Amendment by restricting reporting rights to those who are licensed as reporters!

  7. Good reporting BB. I love Miller’s talk of making it the best agency. I think it should of been more like “If you give us the additional monies request I personally promise we will make the DMR the best managed agency in the state of Ms.or that is how Joe Cloyd, Josh Gregory and I will spin it under that new PR contract that I want to give them.” Of course I am being humorous and I am sure these boys know we all like to laugh at that silly friendship bond they have been rewarded for. Jamie, Joe, Josh ya’ll laugh with us. We are going to start calling you guys the Frontier Gulf Coast Triple J team. Ya”ll did real good on getting the Sunherald to stop with the humor over there but we are a laughfin group of sumbitches over here. Enjoy it cause we do.

  8. I found this post under a SH article about the change in blogging and I thought it was very appropriate and wanted to share it with my friends:

    Eric Speas

  9. Doug

    I guess you removed the story about the situation getting bumpy. I read your reply and do agree with what you said but I guess it was removed before people could reply. I will claim ignorance on this because I really never thought about it. I have seen the donation link on the site but quite honestly I have never really navigated though the slabbed site w/e of stories and comments. Call me dumb but I simply thought the donation link was associated with your support of a charity organization.

  10. All of this work documenting the Walker fiasco(s) and money snatching, but no one seems to have done some basic homework for get the background: Bill and Sharon Walker were drug through a court case years ago with accusations that they mis-directed state money at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory to buy red wood lumber for decks on their house in Ocean Springs. Bill then arranged the firing of esteemed research scientists to cover it up. There are public records on this stuff. Dig people!

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