Let the subpoenas fly: A Bay Tech Building Swindle Update

Joe Friday comes to mind here folks since the parties did not remain silent and Magnolia Group Attorney Ben Galloway is hot on the trail. Sending a subpoena to the Echo, whose publisher is married to the School Board President, is an interesting maneuver. I’m sensing quality muck will emerge in this case as I hope the taxpayers learn the full extent to which their local schools have been co opted by the politically connected in service to their pecuniary interests.

Magnolia Group v O'Dwyer et al Doc 16

2 thoughts on “Let the subpoenas fly: A Bay Tech Building Swindle Update”

  1. Who is Ben Galloway? I had never heard of him. Holy shit… He is none other than the lawyer who Boyce Holliman trained straight out of Law School.

    DOJ Intervenes in Stennis Based Qui Tam Action
    By Philip Thomas on July 3, 2009
    Posted in U.S. District Courts in Mississippi
    On Thursday the Department of Justice intervened in a multi-million dollar qui tam lawsuit against Fortune 500 company SAIC and three current or former employees. Here is the A.P. story in the Clarion-Ledger, the government

    1. This subpoena has electrified the community and is fraught with implications for the media. I’m not sure what the Echo is gonna do here, I know what I would do if it were me.

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